Music Madness

Music Madness
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Music Madness level.
Location: 7-7 Factory Location: 7-7 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Music Madness is the seventh level of the seventh world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. As the name suggests, every obstacle featured in this level operates in tune with an atmospheric beat that plays in the background. It's also one of the third levels to include one of the secret Power Switch Areas that are needed to power the Rocket.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out in a rather bland section of the factory, with simple brick and girder structures in the background. As somewhat chilling, rhythmic music plays in the background, make your way across two circular, steel platforms that are being smashed by large, mechanical hammers attached to their sides(all in beat with the tune), followed by a large metal press that opens and closes in rhythm, one more hammer platform(this time with the hammer slowly shifting to the left and right)and a second large press. From there, you'll find yourself on a safe platform where you'll need to Ground Pound a DK Panel Switch that will cause a small smokestack behind it to spit out a Travel Barrel above your head. Use the barrel to reach a trio of large presses, dodge their rhythmic patterns, then reach an elevated safe platform where a Pig checkpoint will await you. A Travel Barrel located just off this platform will take you to another, smaller safe platform housing a Buckbot, "Pyrobot Mk 2", and DK Barrel.

After taking out those enemies and acquiring Diddy Kong, you'll come across a section containing a mechanical wall full of solid platforms grafted onto prearranged tracks(which also shift to their set left and right positions in time with the musical beat). Over overcoming those obstacles, you'll quickly be introduced to a second Pig Checkpoint waiting on another safe platform. From here, you'll find a solid row of five small, circular, steel piston platforms being slammed by solid rows of smaller hammers in time with the music. Since this obstacle moves in a wave-like pattern, careful timing makes it easy to get past this area without a scratch. After jumping over the protrusive "Pyrobot Mk 2" sitting in your way on an isolated safe platform, a second row of five small hammer platforms will be in your way(this time, moving in a pattern where the first, third, and fifth hammer come down on the first beat, and the second and fourth hammer on the second).

After jumping over a pit containing a small mechanical wall patch with two grafted platforms set side-by-side in vertical directions, Buckbot and "Pyrobot Mk 2" undertow, a series of six small hammer platforms will lie before you, each one set on different height levels(which follow the same pattern as the last two groups). Overcoming that obstacle stream will bring you to a big safe platform where a third Pig Checkpoint awaits you in the middle of it all. Just off of this platform will be a new section containing three large vats spouting water out of their tops, will a two large, upright flamethrowers spitting out fire into the air. Since both of these devices must be used as makeshift platforms, good caution must be taken in order to not be thrown off by the water and/or scorched by the fire.

From this point on, an area containing a pair of grafted, vertical platforms set on either side of a water vat and flamethrower(with the vat below you and the flamethrower coming out of the ceiling)will have to be passed in order to reach a long safe platform above. This platform will boast a couple more ceiling-mounted flamethrowers, with two grafted, horizontal platforms set underneath each(it is in the very middle of this platform that a metal grey shaft of floor can be passed with a Ground Pound in order to reach the third Power Switch area!). Past that point will be a pair of water vats on separate height levels, each one set underneath a grafted, horizontal platform. Work your way past that array in order to reach a large hammer platform, followed by three large switches(working as more makeshift platforms)with two overhead flamethrowers located above each end and a water vat spouting further below. Another water vat can then be found off to the side of those obstacles, which will give you a watery boost up to a Travel Barrel located just above it.

This barrel will fire you onto a series of four tiered, gigantic-sized, circular hammer platforms with massive hammers smashing down on them to the beat while swiftly moving left and right in the process. With each slam of these hammers, you'll be propelled far into the air, so make sure to use this safely to your advantage. On the final gigantic hammer platform, use the hammer's might to bounce up the End-Level Barrel located high above it.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Inside of a closed-off area located to the far left at the very beginning of the level. It can only be reached by activating the Golden Head Switch provided. Easy
2 At the end of a Bonus Room located on top of the first of the trio of large presses found just before the first Pig Checkpoint. Hard
3 At the bottom portion of the large, mechanical wall of shifting platforms. Easy
4 Inside of a breakable water jug located on a safe platform set between the first two sets of five small hammer platforms. Easy
5 Located underneath two grey, metal floor shafts that can be Ground Pounded underneath the two vertical-shifting platforms set after the second set of five small, hammer platforms and before the last. Normal
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