Nintendo 64 Coin

Nintendo 64 Coin
Nintendo 64 CoinDK64.jpg
The appearance of the Nintendo 64 Coin in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location Frantic Factory
Significance Grants entrance to final boss

The Nintendo 64 Coin is one of two very important and difficult-to-retrieve items in Donkey Kong 64 which can unlock the door to the final boss, King Krusha K. Rool, when used together.

[edit] History

[edit] Donkey Kong 64

The challenge presented in order to attain the Nintendo 64 Coin is a very unique one. In order to earn this special item in-game, you must reach a certain point in the Frantic Factory level where a digitized version of the original Donkey Kong Arcade cabinet eagerly awaits your imaginary quarters. As such, this game can only be played while using Donkey Kong, since his Gorilla Grab is needed in order to pull the lever situated in front of the arcade cabinet(which supposedly makes it run).

The entire game consists of the Donkey Kong Arcade version that was seen in the actual arcades, not to be confused with the Nintendo Entertainment System home-console release in 1986. There are two different playthroughs that you must overcome in order to collect this illusive item: the original version presenting the scenario of rescuing Pauline from Donkey Kong, and the humorous new version which displays an 8-bit version of the Nintendo 64 Coin which must be recovered from the big ape's hairy clutches.

The difficulty levels between these versions range from easy to hard: easy for the Pauline-version, and hard for the Nintendo 64 Coin-version.

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