Orange Grenade

Orange Grenade
Orange GrenadeDK64.jpg
The appearance of an Orange Grenade in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Function Explodes on contact in order to take down larger enemies
Maximum Amount 100

The Orange Grenade is a special side weapon in Donkey Kong 64 which is meant to mock real grenades in the form of an average round citrus fruit. It can be used by any of the five playable Kongs and can be freely collected throughout each level and roaming area of the game. This weapon is mainly used in order to defeat larger enemies which take many regular hits, such as the Klumps and Kasplats, or a handful of swarming enemies which are hard to handle alone, such as the Klaptraps.

Even though it is meant to be a "grenade", the Orange Grenade resembles nothing of the sort save for a pin fixture where the stem of the fruit was originally meant to be. Other than that, it is a completely regular-looking orange all the way through(until it explodes, that is).

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