Orco the Killer Whale

Orco the Killer Whale
Orco the killer whale, an animal helper of Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
Species Killer Whale
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Abilities Immense strength and jumping
Allies Kongs
Enemies Ghastly King

Orco the Killer Whale is a brand new Animal Buddy who appeared exclusively for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. When first encountered by Donkey Kong, he can jump on her back while she's unknowingly swimming in a body of water. From there, she is able to demolish any water-based obstacle as well as jump great heights while swimming.

Even though they don't share appearances, Orco the killer whale is an obvious replacement for Enguarde the swordfish in this particular installment. And in this case, size really does matter!

[edit] Playable Level Appearances

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