Pineapple Bazooka

Pineapple Bazooka
Chunky Kong with his Pineapple Bazooka in the Angry Aztec level
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Fires heavily-damaging pineapples

The Pineapple Bazooka is the personal weapon which only Chunky Kong can wield. The weapon, as well as the character himself, was first introduced in Donkey Kong 64.

This weapon is commonly seen as an advanced version of the Coconut Gun, being twice as big, firing larger ammo, and appearing to consist of the same type of hollowed-out log. Chunky, given his immense strength, is able to carry this weapon over one arm with ease, but it's been questioned as to how this Kong is able to fire it given that there doesn't appear to be any form of trigger or switch visible. The Pineapple Bazooka can only be attained in the Frantic Factory level where Funky Kong and his shop, Funky's Armory, is located. Here, three Banana Coins must be exchanged in order to use this weapon in order to defeat enemies easier as well as hit Pineapple Switches and Banana Balloons located in places that Chunky could never even hope to reach while unarmed.

As you work your way further into the game, you'll find that Funky Kong has begun to sell upgrades for the Pineapple Bazooka at his weapons shop, which span from an attached sniper-scope, an expanded ammo slot, and an integrated lock-on system for ensuring no possible targets are missed.

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