Poppin' Planks

Poppin' Planks
Poppin' Planks.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in Poppin' Plank.
Location: 2-1 Beach Location: 2-1 Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Poppin' Planks is the first level featured in the Beach world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

The level starts out on a sandy beach. A new enemy is introduced at the start of the level called Snap, a red crab that can be defeated by being jumped on or hit with a barrel. As well they will meet up with Tiki Buzz. From here, the Kongs will need to jump onto two platforms that are over some spikes, one of these platforms will contain the letter "K" on it. Next Donkey Kong can Ground Pound to open a chest containing an Extra Life Balloon As they begin to progress through the level, Donkey Kong will come across pegs in the ground that can be Ground Pound, and will sometimes have Banana Bunches, Bananas, Hearts or Puzzle Pieces jump out. They sometimes will also have barrels or enemies pop out. Ground Pounding the peg in front of the shipwreck will make a barrel appear where the Kongs can blast to a DK Bonus Game in the shipwreck to earn a Puzzle Piece. In this bonus game, Donkey Kong will need to defeat two Pinchleys to earn a Puzzle Piece. After the bonus game, the shipwreck will sink and they will continue on before coming into contact with a Ground Pound Pad that allows the whale in the background to shoot out bananas over a pier with planks popping out whenever a wave hits the pier. These bananas will disappear in a short period of time.

From here, they will have to jump onto swing platforms that will be needed to cross. Falling into the water will however, take away of the Kongs balloons. The Kongs will have to face a Pinchley on this pulley of platforms. After defeating the Pinchley, the Kongs will need to use the platform you were on and the one to the right as a pulley to get to the platform with the two boxes. Once they have jumped onto that platform, another will drop down from above with a Snap on it that will rise so Donkey Kong can jump onto a platform with a bunch of Barrels underneath. Ground Pounding this platform will make it drop into the level and allow the Kongs to progress through the level.

This raft of barrels will gradually sink as it progresses, dodging more Tiki Buzzes will get the Kongs closer to more sand that they can jump too and walk across while passing a checkpoint along the way. Right after the checkpoint, Donkey Kong can open the chest for another Puzzle Piece. Next, there is a cannon that can be used by using the Ground Pound. It will fire a cannonball at the beached shipwreck and allow the Kongs to play another DK Bonus Game for another Puzzle Piece.

Past this, the Kongs will need to cross floating ship pieces while avoiding Chomps who will try to attack the Kongs. Passing these floating ship pieces, the Kongs will need to cross another pier with the planks popping out, only this time pieces of the pier will flip over to reveal spikes that can hurt the Kongs. Donkey Kong will need to jump on the swinging platforms once more to cross the water while avoiding Flying Tikis and yellow Chomps.

Once pass the yellow chomps, the Kongs will be on a floating ship piece with three moving platforms and three Chomps jumping up underneath the platforms. Avoiding the Chomps, the Kongs will need to cross to reach the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Once near a couple of platforms, pound a pile to force another to rise out of the ground. Use this pile to jump onto the platform to the left and then onto the next one. Easy
2 Ground pound the pile that is in front of the shipwreck, this should make another pile appear with a barrel. Using the barrel, it will shoot DK off to the shipwreck to play a Bonus Game. Collect everything. Normal
3 Pound a dirt pile near a heart. This will make a treasure chest appear with a Puzzle Piece inside. Easy
4 Past the checkpoint, pound near the treasure chest. Easy
5 Past the fourth Puzzle Piece, ground pound near the cannon to the right. It will fire and lower the hull of the wrecked ship. Inside is another Bonus Game, collect everything to make the Puzzle Piece appear. Normal
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