Potion Move

Potion Move
Cranky's LabDK64.jpg
Cranky Kong about to give Donkey Kong a Potion Move
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilitie(s) Granting each Kong an enhanced attack/in-game move

The Potion Moves are something completely new, unique, and limited to Donkey Kong 64. They are special moves which can be attained for each of the five playable Kongs throughout the game which can range from shockwave ground-slams, handstands, and spinning locks of hair! This can only be done through drinking specialized potions concocted by Cranky Kong himself, which carry a rather foul taste and can normally inflict some uncomfortable side effects, but grant each of our primate heroes with incredible potential against the forces of the evil Kremlings and their twisted animal followers.

[edit] Potion Moves

This is a list of the main Potion Moves available in this game and which particular Kong it belongs to:

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