Power Pad

Power Pad
Power PadsDK64.jpg
The main set of Power Pads seen at the very front of DK Isle in Donkey Kong 64.
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilitie(s) Granting any Kong who is standing on top of one an exceptional power needed in-game

The Power Pad is a unique and rather handy power-up common throughout the whole of Donkey Kong 64 and provides various functions to each of the five playable Kongs. They resemble the shape of an average, coloured bottlecap at ten times the regular size and always bear some sort of image or symbol to indicate their function. This could range from the block numbers used for the Teleporters, the Kong character faces used for the special abilities, and images of various musical instruments used for each of the Kong's musical instruments. They are an essential commodity in this game and can be found virtually anywhere through each of the eight levels featured.

Since Rareware had developed this game right after their wildly successful Banjo Kazooie title, the Power Pads are an obvious throwback to the various teleport pads and general shapes that must be stood on in this game in order to grant the player various powers and advantages.

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