Rickety Rails

Rickety Rails
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong hopping minecarts in the Rickety Rails level.
Location: 4-1 Cave Location: 4-1 Cave
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Rickety Rails is the first level of the fourth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cave. Unlike Crazy Cart, you'll be constantly jumping from minecart to minecart in this level rather than simply remaining tucked away in the same one.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins adjacent to a large, stone fountain spewing water at your back(obviously depicting your transition from the previous Ruins world). In the midst of lush jungle and an oversized tree trunk, make your way down a wet and slippery stone canal "water slide" in order to end up on a dry stone pathway not too far below. At the end of this short pathway, a Travel Barrel will be waiting for you overtop of a dropoff which will blast you into the background and another dry, stone pathway that's partially covered by breakable gourds. Moving further to the left will reveal a dead end formed by a caved in entrance to an old, dilapidated-looking mine. In order to proceed, you must find the hidden Travel Barrel that's located inside of the larger breakable gourd on the far-left. Use it to blast to a platform back in the foreground that contains a large, wooden tnt plunger.

Ground Pound this plunger three times in order to light three of the four individual bunches of dynamite wired and tied up against the rockey wall located beyond the blocked-off mine entrance. As would be expected, the solid rock(and the entrance)will blow apart to smithereens and you'll have clear access to the unknown mine that lays beyond. Use yet another Travel Barrel located on this isolated platform in order to enter the foreground again. Head into the newly-accessible mine shaft, where you'll encounter a couple of Tiki Goons and some Bananas and Banana Coins. At the end of this short stretch will be another dead end, forcing you to use the wooden planks sticking out of the wall behind you in order to ascend into a Travel Barrel that will launch you across the top of a large rock wall. On the other side of this wall, you'll land on a downward slant that will drop you into another Travel Barrel at it's base which will launch you on top of a minecart silently waiting at the beginning of a wooden track, set amidst a massive, dark, moist cavern.

As you warily stand on top of this minecart, you'll notice that it's full of blue-burning coal, making it impossible to sit inside of it like you previously have. After riding down a straightaway, past an arch of Bananas and a Banana Bunch, you'll hit a small, downward hill that will send you towards a Squeekly that will be flying under another arch of Bananas. Avoid another Squeekly that will immediately pass above and quickly jump up into another Travel Barrel located just to the right of the track, where it abruptly cuts off. You'll need to launch yourself into a Launch Barrel located directly next to the Travel Barrel in order to reach a cut-off segment of track hanging just above of a Pig Checkpoint, sitting on a safe stone and dirt platform. From here, quickly make your way across a series of collapsing platforms and up to a Travel Barrel that will launch you into a second minecart. As you move along the straightaway, a gigantic group of crystals will fall from the ceiling and completely destroy a segment of track in front of you!

React to this obstacle quickly, avoiding a close brush with another Squeekly, and then quickly jump to a third and fourth cart as you travel across small pieces of isolated track that fall apart into the abyss as you run across them. Make it onto a breakable platform on foot and this point and hastily hop into the Travel Barrel waiting for you not too far off! You will then be launched onto a fifth cart that will take you through a straightaway that will quickly fall apart from both ends, forcing you to quickly jump up into a Travel Barrel above your head with the utmost reflexes. This barrel will send you into the foreground again and straight into another Travel Barrel that's located next to a stone wall hanging from the ceiling that's strapped with dynamite. With each blast of the four Travel Barrels that you'll zip through in order to reach the sixth minecart, a little piece of each wall shaft will be blown away each time!

On the next piece of track that you'll travel along, it will slant downwards to the left as you reach it's end. Quickly jump off of it and into a pair of Travel Barrels attached to an explosive wall shaft, which will lead you to a seventh cart. The next piece of track that you'll end up on will begin to slant downwards to the left, but will then make a sharp dip to the right(so make sure you're alert at this point!). Jump off of the cart, onto an isolated, breakable platform, and into another Travel Barrel and Launch Barrel attached to an explosive wall shaft. This will send you into another, lone Launch Barrel that will hammer you onto an eighth minecart. Take it through a couple more straightaways that will break apart at both ends, then through a series of three Launch Barrels attached to an explosive wall shaft. This will send you careening through a smaller passage, smashing through an entire wooden platform, and down onto a solid dirt path below. At the end of this path will be a Danger Barrel that will blast you onto a ninth minecart, which will quickly follow by a tenth after you've been shot out of a second Danger Barrel located at the end of a short straightaway.

As you continue along a higher straightaway above the previous one, you'll need to quickly jump into a series of four Launch Barrels lined up in a row in order to reach an eleventh minecart, which will then take you down a short piece of sloping track and off onto a solid, isolated platform where the End-Level Barrel eagerly awaits you.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Inside of a large(yet well-hidden)notch in the gigantic tree trunk found at the very beginning of the level, located in the foreground segment. Hard
2 Hidden behind a thick wall of easily-breakable stones located in the second dead end found inside the initial entrance to the mine shaft. Normal
3 At the end of a Bonus Room located in a hidden entryway found underneath the Pig Checkpoint, to the far-right(found underneath the breakable platform. Normal
4 At the end of a second Bonus Room located at the very bottom of the final drop shaft found after traveling through the series of explosive Launch Barrels(it's positioned on the left side of the wall). Hard
5 Located on a small, isolated, wooden platform set to the far-left of the final series of four, straight-line Launch Barrels. Easy
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