Ruined Roost

Ruined Roost
Ruined Roost.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong fighting Stu in the Ruined Roost level.
Location: 3-B Ruins Location: 3-B Ruins
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Hits to Victory 5

Ruined Roost is the eighth level of the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Ruins. This is the boss level, where there are absolutely no K-O-N-G icons or Puzzle Pieces to collect.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

As with every boss level featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns, you start off at the beginning of a short walkway with a Buddy Barrel waiting for you not too far off in order to prepare you for the climactic battle that lies not too far ahead. The opening cutscene depicts Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong inquiring their surroundings as they happen upon an enormous gong with an ancient bird drawing carved into it. At the foot of this gong is a large egg in a nest. Upon looking up at the oversized golden object, the Area Tiki Boss will descend from above and suspend the nested egg into the air. This then activates two large monkey statues on either side of the gong to twist suddenly and slam into it on either side, causing the very ground to crumble beneath the Kongs' feet in the wake of the deafening sound that followed. As Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong fall, the egg follows them. They soon land hard on a lower level(at least DK, whereas Diddy improvises a soft landing by way of his Barrel Jet)laden with islands of grass, thick, stacked, scattered stone blocks of various heights on the ground, and a large, golden bowl in the centre of everything.

The egg which was previously falling with the Kongs ends up in this bowl, where the Area Tiki Boss then activates his Musical Spell and enters with it afterwards, possessing the egg and causing it to hatch into the screeching, bomb-chucking monstrosity known as Stu. From there, the battle begins! Stu starts off by flying back and forth in the arena and then chucking a group of lit Danger Bombs onto the floor in which you stand, giving you the opportunity to cause damage to this monster as throwing so many of these bombs tuckers this bird-brain out and causes him to remain temporarily dazed and dizzy in place(with each hit, the golden bowl which surrounds Stu's body begins to crack more and more as the battle wears on in your favour). After successfully landing the first bomb on Stu(which is surprisingly easy considering your throwing ranger is oddly far and accurate when wielding the Danger Bombs), Stu will throw a few more bombs(two early-lit and one dangerously near exploding). Landing your second hit will cause Stu to attempt dive-bombing you from one side of the stage(this is where utilizing the tall-stacked stone blocks comes in handy!). For the third hit, Stu will toss a set of three late-lit bombs which you must be quick on your feet in order to use to your advantage(if you have lost a piece of Heart Health at this point, one will drop from the bottom of Stu's bowl after you've landed this hit).

Afterwards, Stu will take you by surprise as he positions himself in the centerpoint of the stage and throws a nuclear bomb to the ground, leveling the lowermost stacked stone blocks, making your hit reach a little bit more limited. Three more bombs and one size-matched decoy enemy later, Stu will try dive-bombing you again, throwing a slurry of early-lit and late-lit bombs across the entire ground surface of the stage, followed by one more dive-bomb that takes sudden advantage of your current distraction. Stu with then throw a second nuclear missile to the ground, which carries a blast radius that doesn't level the remaining stone blocks this time. Stu will then proceed to follow the consistent pattern of throwing a few early-lit and late-lit bombs at you followed by a couple dive-bombs, so memorize it well if you intend to preserve every piece of your precious Heart Health to the very end! After getting your fourth hit in, Stu will then transition into a repeated pattern of throwing a solid line of bombs to the ground followed by a nuclear missile toss, all until you eventually squeeze in your fifth and final hit.

The closing cutscene from there shows Stu wobbling around in the air weakly for a moment and then hitting the ground hard, completely obliterating the golden bowl surrounding his body(revealing a rotund, bright pink, and featherless midsection). The Area Tiki Boss will then dizzily emerge from the unconscious bird, allowing you to deliver a well-deserved round of punches to it!

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