Saxophone Slam

Saxophone Slam
Tiny Kong delivering a rugged jazz treat with her Saxophone Slam
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Defeating all enemies within the surrounding area, activating in-game secrets

The Saxophone Slam is Tiny Kong's special matching instrument that was exclusively introduced in Donkey Kong 64. It wielded the ability to defeat all surrounding enemies in the area within a certain radius as well as activate in-game events such as opening locked and caged doors that are otherwise inaccessible. This power could only be activated while standing on top of a pad bearing a depiction of a saxophone while playing as Tiny Kong.

No reference or homage to this weapon has been made outside of Donkey Kong 64 whatsoever during Tiny's aged appearances in Diddy Kong Racing DS and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. However, even though she is a simian, the fact that Tiny is a young, small, blonde female who plays a saxophone with incredible talent is more than likely an offbeat reference to Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons.

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