Scurvy Crew

Scurvy Crew
Scurvy Crew.png
Scurvy Crew as they appear in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Species Crab
Affiliations Tiki Tak Tribe
Maraca Triplets
Enemies Kongs
Game Appearances Donkey Kong Country Returns
The Scurvy Crew are the boss for the Beach World in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are a group of three pirate crabs that were hypnotized by the Maraca Triplets.

[edit] Appearance

These three crabs are differing colours. The Blue crab has a sword hand, the yellow crab has a fork hand and the red crab, their leader called Captain Greenbeard, has a hook on his right hand.

[edit] Battle

At the start of the battle, each of the crabs will bury themselves under the sand. The first crab to emerge will be the Yellow Crab and will try to pinch Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. In order to beat him they need to jump on his head which will confuse him, while his claws are raised in the air, the pair need to roll into his side, which will flip him over in the sand where Donkey and Diddy can jump on his underside, where the crab will bury himself back in the sand. After a few second the blue coloured crab will appear and the two must repeat what they did to the yellow crab until he, too, buries himself back into the sand. Next will be the Red crab, again, they have to repeat what was done to the previous two crabs before the Captain buries himself back in the sand. After all three have buried themselves again, they will reappear but this time in a tower, one being on top of another. First the Red Crab will emerge, then the Yellow and on the bottom will be the Blue Crab. They will walk around with their claws to their sides, Donkey and Diddy need to avoid them until they put their claws in the air, where they roll into the side of the tower and they all topple and land bottom-up in the sand, to which the two need to jump on them consecutively for them all to bury themselves into the sand. The battle will start again with one crab coming up one after another in the same order as was done previously. Once that has been repeated they will reappear as a tower to which the two knock them over, although this time they will have less time between the crabs being knocked over and them reforming back into the Tower. Once all of them have been jumped on consecutively for the second time the battle will be over and Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can advance to the Ruins.

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