Shroom Kritter

Shroom Kritter
Shroom Kritter, as seen in Donkey Kong 64

Shroom Kritters are Kritters enemies who are wearing a large and blue mushroom costume in Donkey Kong 64. They're only appearance is in the daytime in the level Fungi Forest. They attack similar to Klobbers, they will wait in the ground until a Kong comes close enough, and then it will jump out and attack. They will chase the Kong and try to hit the Kong, this will cause the Kong to lose some health if it is hit. They are slow creatures and weak enemies too. They can be taken down by one hit with most attacks. They can also be defeated by a weapon or Orange Grenade.

During the night time in the Fungi Forest level, Shroom Kritters will be replaced by the Kosha enemy until it's switched back to daytime.

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