Snide from Donkey Kong 64
First/Only Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Species Weasel

Snide is a former member of the Kremling Krew and was kicked out of the Krew before Donkey Kong 64 He was King K. Rool's chief technician and creator of the Blast-O-Matic. Once the Blast-O-Matic was completed, King K. Rool thought Snide would betray him and eventually took Snide's work and kicked him out of the Krew.

Snide would move to DK Isle where he would set up Snide's HQ. He would aid the Kongs in their quest to defeat King K. Rool by collecting blueprints that they would receive from defeating a Kasplat. The Kongs would get a Golden Banana for every blueprint handed into Snide. It would also add more time to shutting down the Blast-O-Matic when the Kongs reached Hideout Helm.

It was never explained how Snide obtained those Golden Bananas or how giving him the blueprints would delay the weapon's activation. But once all forty Blueprints had been handed over to Snide, they will be able to play various mini-games at Snide's headquarters.

After Hideout Helm, Snide is never seen again in the game or in the Donkey Kong series.

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