Springy Spores

Springy Spores
Springy shores dkcr.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Springy Spores level.
Location: 5-6 Forest Location: 5-6 Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Springy Spores is the sixth level of the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins just outside of the entrance to a hollowed-out tree trunk, leading to a drop off dotted with bouncy mushrooms and pesky Tiki Buzzes in between. There is also a handful of Frogoons found in this level, who are easy to defeat if you've got good timing on your jumps and bounces. You'll encounter the first Frogoon after jumping off of the first bouncy toadstool resting inside a Venus flytrap. Some more bouncy mushrooms and regular/fiery Tiki Buzzes later, you'll reach the second solid platform of this level. This is where you'll be greeted by a sprawling bed of red spikes nestled in the interior of a long-dead, horizontal tree trunk. You'll be able to overcome this obstacle by way of the medium-sized swinging vines provided and the bouncy mushrooms set in between(be wary of the Frogoons resting on top of them though!). After clearing this area and bouncing off of a Venus flytrap toadstool, you'll encounter a series of flat and slanted bouncy mushrooms spaced fairly close to one another. Utilize both types in order to reach two roped, swinging wooden platforms with a pair of Tiki Goons decorating both.

After defeating those generic enemies, more bouncy mushrooms which separate gaps of persistent Frogoons and dangerous red spikes await you. This short obstacle set will lead you to a fair-sized patch of overhead Cling Grass which can only be reached by a single bouncy mushroom. Fiery Tiki Buzzes underneath your feet will add a noticeable element of danger, but they're easily avoided. After a second similar Cling Grass patch set above a small pit of red spikes, you'll reach a series of bouncy hippos that will take you to a third solid platform and the first Pig Checkpoint. The drop off after this platform will put you in front of a pair of large, swinging, Cling Grass-covered treetop huts which are segmented by a single bouncy mushroom. These elements will bring you to a fourth solid platform which will lead you to an area inhabited by bouncy mushrooms located underneath small ceiling portions of red spikes that you must avoid by bouncing underneath each one with a short jump, missing each by a hair(as well as being able to keep a watch on the normal/fiery Tiki Buzzes that will get in your way). after this, you'll come across a pair of single bouncy toadstools in between a pair of bouncy hippos. Use them and a Venus flytrap toadstool to reach a group of small, medium, and large wooden, swinging platforms to the left of a complete wall of flat and slanted bouncy mushrooms.

While this wall offers every helpful item available from Bananas, Banana Bunches, Heart Health, and Banana Coins(try and utilize each type of available bouncy mushroom in order to snag them all!), it also throws the obvious enemies at you which range from the regular and fiery Tiki Buzzes once more. At the very top of this wall of bouncy mushrooms, the End-Level Barrel will be suspended directly above a single, flat bouncy mushroom.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Hidden behind a leaf bush located on a secret sub-level underneath a dry, breakable log after getting past the swinging vines. Easy
2 Right up next to a large red spike wall located to the very left of a slanted bouncy mushroom. Normal
3 At the very end of the first Cling Grass patch which can only be reached after jumping off of the starting point of the second one. Normal
4 Appears after you've successfully knocked down all three of the first bouncy hippo group you encounter without falling yourself. Hard
5 At the end of a Bonus Room located at the bottom end of the second large, swinging Cling Grass hut, where a Danger Barrel is located at the bottom of a vertical string of three Bananas. Normal
6 Located at the very left side of the final bouncy mushroom wall, near the bottom section. Easy
7 Suspended above the mouth of a Venus flytrap. Use it's bouncy toadstool in order to reach it, located in the very midsection of the very bottom of the final bouncy mushroom wall. Easy
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