A Squidly as it appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Species Squid
Home Donkey Kong Island
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Leader N/A

Squidlies are airborne enemies which are constantly shot out of barrel-shaped turrets manned by Snaps' or Pinchleys. They always move in the straight, horizontal fashion that the turret is facing and can only be stopped by a wall or after hitting an unfortunate Kong. Squidlies are native to various levels featured in the Beach world and are commonly placed near unreachable platforms or plateaus. This is so due to the fact that these enemies can be bounced off of following a jump on the head(which is also the only way to defeat them)and depending on the particular order in which a series of Squidlies are shot out, groups of well-timed high jumps can prove beneficial to the wary and experienced player. The Squidlies and their turrets are no doubt nods to the original Bullet Bill enemies first seen in Super Mario Bros..

[edit] Appearance

Squidlies take on the appearance of normal squids with beige-coloured skin, large foreheads, and slimy tentacles at the ends of their bodies. They are essentially seen as miniature versions of Squiddicus.

[edit] Gallery

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