Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Sticky Situation level.
Location: 6-1 Cliff Location: 6-1 Cliff
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 9

Sticky Situation is the first level of the sixth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest. This is also the first level to introduce both the Skellirex and Bonehead Jed enemies.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins under the cover of an oversized, fossil-wrought, muck-oozing rocky overhang, with Skellirexes and Skullyrexes freely bounding all about. In a transition from the previous world, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will start their run outside of a boarded-up mine shaft exit. The treachery will swiftly begin in this level, with a dropoff appearing almost immediately off a short, wooden plank, leading off in the middle of a tar-oozing waterfall, with different pieces of flat dinosaur bones providing makeshift platforms for your safe crossing. You'll meet your very first Skellirex in the middle of a series of three tar waterfalls, each which you must safely jump across. After reaching a wooden plank that leads you briefly back to solid land, you'll need to defeat another Skellirex atop a giant dinosaur vertebrae bobbing in a pool of tar. After defeating two Skullyrexes as you move along across an upside-down giant vertebrae, you'll meet up with the Bonehead Jed enemy for the first time on another piece of giant, discarded marrow.

This will lead you to another dropoff overlooking a row of five tar waterfalls, each containing pieces of various dinosaur bone components meant to assist your safe journey across(watch out for the small spike bed just before reaching the fifth waterfall!). After reaching a Pig Checkpoint, you'll need to climb up another tar waterfall just beyond it to reach a raised platform with another Bonehead Jed waiting for you on it. Take it out with the Barrel provided and then light-foot it across two more tar waterfalls(beware of the hinder-some stone pillar overhang between the two). From this point, you'll need to take out two Skullyrexes bouncing atop a wooden platform safe-zone, then carry on across two more thicker tar waterfalls(the size difference allowing the second waterfall to carry a Skellirex atop every second bone platform). After making it through that obstacle course, you'll need to roll down into the throat of a giant, long-since dead dinosaur's skeleton, collecting some helpful Bananas along the way, and then onto another wooden platform at the very bottom of the slide.

This platform will drop off into a vast, rocky wasteland littered with giant, discarded dinosaur bones set against a gloomy, storm cloud-filled sky. A Travel Barrel will dutifully greet you not too far to the right, which will safely fire you to the unseen surface below, where you'll travel across three large pieces of dinosaur bone: half a rib, a vertebrae segment(with three Skullyrexes adorning it), and a full set of ribs(where a Bonehead Jed awaits). Passing these will lead you to a long, wooden path with a pair of Skellirexes placed in your way. Take them out traditionally while removing another Bonehead Jed from your way a little further on with a provided Barrel(if you'd like). As thick, obscuring black smoke begins to form in the unknown abyss below, climb up two more tar waterfalls in order to reach a second Pig Checkpoint located on an elevated plateau.

After this point, climb inside of a Travel Barrel located off of a dropoff, which you must use to blast yourself in an arc towards another Travel Barrel right beside you(be careful though, as this travel path must safely weave through a Tiki Zing circling a small spike bed suspended inbetween the two barrels). After carefully reaching the second Travel Barrel, blast yourself up to a safe stone platform, take out another Skullyrex, then repeat the previous barrel obstacle twice(one with two Tiki Zings orbiting a suspended spike bed and another with only one again). Making it through in one piece will take you to another Travel Barrel up above which will will fire you up to an even higher safe area. It is here that you must slide down another gigantic dinosaur skeleton's throat, half embedded into the massive sand and rock wall, and reach another wooden platform leading to a dropoff.

In the final stretch of this level, you must safely make it across eight straight tar waterfalls, with the second and fourth waterfall carrying a Skellirex ontop of each second bone platform, two overhanging stone pillars sandwiched inbetween waterfalls 4, 5, and 6, and a suspended spike bed inbetween waterfalls 7 and 8(all while thick black smoke seeks to engulf you at the bottom of the screen!). After pulling off that impressive feat, you'll find yourself ontop of a final wooden platform with three Skullyrexes bouncing about on it. Take them out and jump inside of the last Travel Barrel, which will blast you through a stone shaft and up to a tar bed containing a giant, broken dino ribcage bobbing in it, a wooden platform stuck in the left side of a rock wall to the left, and the End-Level Barrel floating at the same altitude to the far right(some experimental jumping technique is needed in order to reach this one!).

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Sitting ontop of a wooden platform located in a hidden, elevated area that can be reached with a long piece of Cling Grass. It can only be reached by jumping off of the upside-down vertebrae found at the beginning of the level(make sure to tilt the left end up into the air and quickly jump off before it levels out again!). Hard
2 Underneath a block of breakable stone located directly underneath the wooden platform situated at the bottom of the first giant dinosaur skeleton that you must slide through. Hard
3 Near a dangerous area at the very base of the thick black smoke found just before reaching the second Pig Checkpoint. Hard
4 Inside of a dandelion puff located to the very right of the second Pig Checkpoint. Easy
5 Floating high in the foreground, which can be reached through a Travel Barrel and two Launch Barrels, which can be reached on a hidden platform to the far-left of the second giant dino skeleton's mouth(a long, midair jump must be performed here). Hard
6 At the end of a Bonus Room that can be found through an opening in the rock wall just above the second giant dino skeleton's skull(a zebra will cleverly indicate this entrance for you). Hard
7 Sitting on a bone platform flowing down the fifth tar waterfall located in the final stretch of the level. Easy
8 Inside of a breakable cactus found ontop of another bone platform flowing down the eighth and last tar waterfall found in this level. Normal
9 Floating not far above a wooden platform located in the top-left corner of the rock wall, directly across from the End-Level Barrel. Normal
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