Stop & Go Station

Stop & Go Station
Diddy Kong aiming for a Stop Barrel
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Difficulty Hard
Location Monkey Mines
Description A dimly-lit mine corridor inhabited by dangerous creatures

Stop & Go Station is the fourth stage of the Monkey Mines level and is arguably the creepiest in the enitire game, thanks to it's infestation of unstoppable Rockkroc enemies.

This stage is set in the depths of a mine shaft with the absence of an on-track, minecart-driven objective. You must traverse through a dimly-lit area filled with invincible Kremlings known as Rockkrocs, which can't be taken out in any way whatsoever, no regular attack or even a thrown Barrel can defeat them. Due to this, they can only be temporarily delayed in order to allow Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong to safely pass.

Pertaining to the stage's name, there are special barrels scattered throughout which bear the words "STOP" and "GO". When touched, these barrels swap between the two words and change the colour of the stage appropriately(red for "STOP" and green for "GO"). The purpose of these exclusive items are to temporarily stop the Rockkrocs dead in their tracks when the barrel is in the "STOP" setting in order to overcome these relentless adversaries in only the safest way possible. Beware, as the effect of these barrels don't last long and you have to make sure your on your toes and heading for the next barrel before the merciless Rockkrocs get the jump on you!

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