Stormy Shore

Stormy Shore
Stormy Shores.jpg
Donkey Kong at the beginning of the Stormy Shores level.
Location: 2-5 Beach Location: 2-5 Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 6

Stormy Shore is the fifth level featured in the Beach world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts off on the shore before entering a cave and ending over the sea. Donkey Kong can open the treasure chest before the cave to receive a Banana Bunch. The main obstacles near the beginning of the level are wandering Pinchleys and Snaps. Jellybobs make an appearance from jumping up between platforms. The Kongs will also need to use the grassy walls to get farther in the level and as well collecting Puzzle Pieces. Next, the Kongs will need to avoid [[Squidlies] and Jellybobs as they head deeper into the cave.

Before reaching the checkpoint, the Kongs are able to collect a Banana Coin from jumping on multiple Squidlies. Once past the checkpoint, the main gimmick of this level takes place. In the background, Squiddicus can be wrecking a ship that is out at see. Crossing over floating platforms in the sea, and defeating a Snaps. The Kongs will need to use the Barrel that is close to the water to continue through the level, they can use this barrel to get a Puzzle Piece. Squiddicus can be see getting closer in the background. They can get another Puzzle Piece by slamming the barrel into the ground and having it pop up with the other barrel.

When the Kongs jump onto the next floating platforms, Squiddicus will start to destroy the platforms before reaching another checkpoint and entering another cave. Squiddicus will appear more throughout this cave by using his spiky tentacles in gaps and on the grassy walls which the Kongs will have to dodge. Another puzzle piece can be found after the first grassy wall in a treasure chest before avoiding the octopuses tentacles again. They will need to climb down another grassy wall and can open a tied up sack in the air by throwing a Barrel to get another Puzzle Piece.

Using the grass on the ceiling to avoid more of the tentacles, the Kongs will need to avoid the tentacles before getting on more floating platforms with a one platform with grass on the bottom of a platform that the Kongs will have to use to avoid the tentacles before reaching the final checkpoint. The final obstacle of the level is floating platforms that can be difficult to jump on due to the waves being created from Squiddicus. Once the Kongs have reached the Barrel, they will need to shoot quick or else Squiddicus will block them from getting the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Climb to the top of the grassy wall on the left. Easy
2 Pound the trap door right after the first DK Barrel to allow you to drop down into a pit. Enter the cave on the right to play a Bonus Game. Collect everything to get the Puzzle Piece. Normal
3 After jumping on broken pieces of a shipwreck, the player will come to a barrel in the water. Wait until the barrel points upwards to shoot and collect a Puzzle Piece high up. Normal
4 After the second DK Barrel, pound the pile to make another appear with the Puzzle Piece. Easy
5 After entering the grotto, climb the grassy wall to the top. Once at the top, pound to open the treasure chest. Easy
6 After collecting Puzzle Piece #5, climb down on the other side to the area of treasure chests. Once defeating the Snaps, use the Barrel to throw at the bag hanging in the air. Hit it for a treasure chest to drop down. Pound in front to open and reveal another Puzzle Piece.
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