Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Switcheroo level.
Location: 7-6 Factory Location: 7-6 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Switcheroo is the sixth level of the seventh world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. An older model of the Pyrobot enemy, the 'Mk 1', is introduced in this level as opposed to the Mk 2 model introduced earlier. This is also one of the second levels to include one of the secret Power Switch Areas that are needed to power the Rocket.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This unique level begins on top of a girder walkway set before a seemingly out-of-commission section of the factory containing odd, giant, glass capsules of a strange, bubbly fluid. As you move on, you'll notice a blue, circular, glowing light on the wall right next to an odd-looking shaft of glowing, red wall that appears to be filled with some sort of coloured liquid. Upon casting a shadow over this blue light, an apparent motion sensor is triggered which causes the shaft of wall to disappear into the background, light extinguished. It is then that you'll notice the blue light has turned red and a new, blue shaft of liquid wall lies before you not too far away. Take out an annoying Buckbomb pacing past the red liquid wall, trigger the red light sensor, deactivating the blue liquid wall and moving on. From here, another blue light sensor must be activated in order to reach a Buckbot and Buckbomb on the other side of a red liquid wall. Defeat them and you'll discover an active blue liquid platform set above a working steampipe and red light sensor in the upper-right hand corner. Perform a careful jump up to this light sensor in order to activate a small, red liquid platform below you before you land. It is here that you'll encounter your first 'Pyrobot Mk 1', a downgraded version of the newer Pyrobots(since they can't be defeated with three jumps on the head, jump on them once to stun them, then throw a broken Buckbomb at them).

Just off of this platform will be a longer red liquid platform, which you'll need to jump off of, activating a blue light sensor on your way down that will open up a blue liquid platform below you to land on. Do this once more with a red light sensor in order to reach a second red liquid platform below you and then jump onto a safe ledge where a DK Barrel will be eagerly waiting for you. From here, jump over a dangerous electrical pit and activate the blue light sensor that will be just above your head, deactivating a red liquid platform that previously held a bouncy tire that will drop onto the electrical bed. This will provide a path up to the higher safe platform located in the upper-right hand corner: use the bouncy tire to bounce up to a red light sensor located just above the deactivated platform. Make sure you hit it on your way up in order to reactivate the red liquid platform, then use that height to jump over to the higher ledge. At this point, standing atop two glass vats of thick, red goo, jump up and activate a blue light sensor, activating a long blue liquid platform. As you're walking along it, make sure not to jump up as you're walking underneath a pair of red light sensors.

You'll then encounter a vertical row of five red light sensors before you and a parade of two Buckbots and two Buckbombs coming your way. A green vine will be swinging back and forth in front of this wall of light sensors, which you must use in order to swing past it. As the blue liquid platform below you continues to activate and deactivate, safely jump onto another swinging vine located in front of four light sensors, with a break near the top of it that you can fit through. Jump through this break only while the blue liquid platform is activated, then jump off onto a small safe platform. From here, you'll need to activate a red light sensor that's located in the middle of a gap set inbetween the small safe platform and a larger safe platform to the right. Jump across this gap with the right timing in order to deactivate the blue liquid wall that's in your way on the other side of this leap. After deactivating that blue liquid wall, a red liquid platform will immediately activate over another gap meant to catch you off guard(this platform must be deactivated in order to enter a Danger Barrel that will blast you into the second Power Switch area). Keep walking from this point until you reach a dead end.

Here you'll find three Electroids connected in a 'V' shape, stretched out over three deactivated blue liquid platforms. To wrap up an easy solution: activated the blue light sensor that should be just above your head in order to send these obtrusive enemies flying off into the foreground and out of your way for good! Just above the upper-left blue liquid platform will be a red light sensor that you must activate in order to activate a 'V' shaped arrangement of small red liquid platforms. Above the upper-right red liquid platform will be another blue light sensor that activates two more blue liquid platforms moving to the upper-left in a staircase-like fashion. From here, jump past a vertical row of six red light sensors in order to activate the red liquid platform adjacent to a long safe platform that will assist you in reaching it. Walk along past a deactivated blue liquid wall and you'll have reached a Pig Checkpoint.

You'll need to activate a blue light sensor just above this checkpoint in order to get past the red liquid wall that's in your way just beyond it. From there, jump off of the platform and onto three blue, square-shaped liquid platforms with a trio of red light sensors set inbetween them. Descend upon these sensors in order to activate them prior to landing on four newly-activated, square-shaped, red liquid platforms. Tread very cautiously here in order to not activate the wrong light sensors at the wrong time. After landing on the fourth red square platform, drop down onto a trio of blue light sensors in order to activate a pair of blue square platforms spaced apart vertically. Once you've landed, proceed to jump up past the now-red light sensors while reaching towards a deactivated red square platform just above you. If done correctly, you should land on it safely, located right next to a safe platform.

It's here that you'll need to activate a blue light sensor just above you in order to remove the red liquid wall in your way(reaching a second DK Barrel), then jump onto a long blue liquid platform containing bouncy tires spread out across it's entire surface. There will be a trio of red light sensors in the middle of this platform, so be very careful where you jump! From there, high-jump up to an isolated red light sensor that will activate a long red liquid platform with bouncy tires set across it's entire surface. This section will prove to be trickier, with two blue light sensors spread out near the surface of the platform as well as two sets of three higher above your head. Once that tricky obstacle is overcome, another awaits in the form of another long blue liquid platform. This one contains two pairs of red light sensors on either far side as well as a clustered trio of them just above your head, so watch your jumps!

After making it past those obstacles, you'll find yourself on another safe platform where a red light sensor is just above your head and a vertical row of four Electroids are moving towards you. With the right timing, activate the red liquid wall just as these enemies pass over it in order to do away with them. From here, jump off onto an isolated safe platform where a second Pig Checkpoint will be waiting for you. Jumping off of that platform will lead you to a thick blue liquid platform set underneath two pairs of red light sensors and a deactivated red liquid platform. Activate the last pair of red sensors as you're jumping over a deactivated thick red liquid platform in order to continue. From there, jump onto a thick, vertical blue liquid platform set underneath a red light sensor. Carefully make your way under this sensor without touching it, then activate it as you jump upwards towards a long red liquid ceiling overhead that contains a field of Cling Grass "chains" overhead(as you do this, make sure you act immediately so you don't slip).

Make your way across this ceiling of "Cling Chains", avoiding a pair of Electroids stretched out vertically across the area at the same time. With proper timing, drop down while avoiding one of two spaced-apart blue light sensors, and land on a red liquid platform below. Duck down as the Electroids pass over your head, then use the bouncy tire provided in order to reach the "Cling Chains" once more and quickly evade the oncoming enemy. From this point, you'll find another pair of vertical Electroids spaced closer together, moving across a deactivated blue liquid platform. With care, drop off of the "Cling Chain" bed, activating a blue light sensor on your way down. While ducking to avoid these enemies, you'll need to jump out towards a vertical blue liquid wall shaft with a bed of "Cling Chains" on it's left side. Climb your way to the bottom of this shaft where a pair of red light sensors will be waiting for you.

Jump off of this shaft to the left, while activating these sensors, and land on another bed of "Cling Chains" located on a red liquid wall shaft. This will simultaneously activate a thick red liquid platform to the far right, which you can reach by jumping off of the highest point of these "Cling Chains". From here, a solid section of ceiling will lie above you which also contain a solid bed of "Cling Chains". Three pairs of Electroids will fill the gap below this ceiling section between two thick red liquid platforms, so make your way carefully across this bed of chains with careful timing. On the second red liquid platform will be two blue light sensors on either side and a Buckbot and Buckbomb pacing it's surface. Carefully defeat these enemies without touching the sensors, then activate them once the path is clear, activating a long, thick blue liquid platform with another surface of bouncy tires, a vertical pair of red light sensors, and a duo of Electroids stretched out across your path, moving back and forth.

Time your jumps with extreme caution in this section, then bounce up to a smaller solid section of ceiling covered with "Cling Chains". Another pair of Electroids will be grazing this entire section, which contains a red liquid platform below you and a single red light sensor in it's middle. Carefully activate it and jump off the new platform onto a long safe platform containing a pair of Buckbombs and a second "Pyrobot Mk 2". Here, there will be a blue light sensor above your head that will activate two thick, upside-down 'L'-shaped blue liquid platforms. From this point, jump up and activate a red light sensor not too far above the previous one, activating two smaller red liquid platforms of the same shape. The pattern continues with another blue light sensor and a pair of even smaller blue liquid platforms of the same shape. There will then be two deactivated red square platforms above your head. Activate one last red light sensor above the previous one. From there, jump up to a small, thin, solid safe platform where the End-Level Barrel will hover just above your head.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 At the end of a Bonus Room located to the far left of the first "Pyrobot Mk 2" in the level. It can be reached by Roll-Jumping to an extra red liquid platform to the far-left. Normal
2 At the top of a large series of red and blue liquid platforms, just past the first vertical row of six light sensors. Hard
3 At the end of another Bonus Room that can be reached through a Danger Barrel located on the very top of a single red liquid wall shaft. Normal
4 Located high above the second Pig Checkpoint. Use an activated blue liquid platform for this task. Hard
5 On a secret ledge to the far left of the last series of red and blue liquid platforms. Hard

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