An activated Teleporter in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilitie(s) Allowing any Kong to teleport from one place to another

The Teleporter Pad is very similar to the average Power Pad in almost every way save for how commonplace it is throughout the whole of Donkey Kong 64 and the fact that it's function is teleportation rather than creative in-game attacks. It bears the exact same appearance as the Power Pads and can be activated with the exact same button combo. The teleportation process appears as a giant banana peel with an attached zipper emerging from the base of the Pad and enveloping the user Kong entirely, spinning around once, and then dissipating. It then repeats the process in reverse on the other end. During this process, the Teleporter gives off a very unique and recognizable sound that has become infamous to this particular title.

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