Tidal Terror

Tidal Terror
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong dodging a deadly wave in the Tidal Terror level.
Location: 2-7 Beach Location: 2-7 Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Tidal Terror is the seventh level of the second world of Donkey Kong Country Returns: Beach. This is one of the most recognizable levels in the whole game to include lethal dangers originating from the background.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins on a desolate shoreline marred by large pieces of crumbling rock, abandoned anchors, and leftover wooden kegs. As an ominous rain slowly falls, make your way past a short rock wall and out into an exposed opening(consisting of a rocky, cliff-like plateau), where the dark ocean lying in the background has just heaved a large shaft of water and thrown it your way! The only way to protect yourself from this deadly force of nature(which will always kill you in one hit)is to shield yourself behind any wall of rock conveniently sticking out of the ground. Afterwards, make your way onwards(using two skinny rock walls as you must on your way), bashing all the Snaps' and Pinchley's that will inevitably get in your way. Dodge another rush of waves behind two more, thicker rock walls, then continue taking cover behind another skinnier one.

Then make use the Barrel placed conveniently behind this particular wall in order to take out a Pinchley that will block your path, then dash across a wide, exposed area towards a large, wide rock wall before the next round of waves arrive(be careful of the sudden dropoff located here though!). Follow through into another long, exposed area from here, dodge a pair of oncoming Pinchleys, then Ground Pound a large, round, red button that's built into the ground. This will open up a temporary protective rock wall from the ground which lasts only as long as you continue to Ground Pound. Hastily move on from that point and you'll find yourself inside of a damp cave with repeated dropoffs in the floor, a long Cling Grass patch attached to the ceiling, and a hungry Snaggles undertow. After making it out of that brief transition, you'll find yourself outside and exposed again.

From here, find refuge behind the large, battered, but still sturdy hull of a marooned pirate ship as the waves beyond attempt to envelope you. Move on behind a smaller piece of the ship's hull not too far off, should you need it(and use the helpful Barrel provided in order to knock out another futilely-persistent Pinchley). After passing a Pig Checkpoint behind a slab of protective rock wall, pass by another brief, exposed area and into another wet cavern containing another long patch of Cling Grass attached to a rather uneven cave ceiling, hanging above an abundance of Snaggles' underneath your feet in the murky water below. After making it past that isolated obstacle barrage, hotfoot it across a pair of dropoffs set in a brief exposed area, then wait behind another rock wall complete with a Cling Grass-laden ceiling(which should be used to get the "jump" on another Pinchley that will be waiting for you on this isolated platform.

Two more exposed dropoffs and a pair of Snaps' later will bring you to another large, red button that you'll need to survive another round of lethal waves. You'll need to be really quick from this point in order to reach a special type of rock wall that can only be hit by a wave once before crumbling. Quickly make it past yet another pair of obstructive Snaps' in order to safely reach the largest piece of abandoned pirate ship hull you'll find in this level. But don't be fooled, as it's not as safe as it would seem! Besides the gaping openings provided by this ship's former windows, you'll also need to dodge four Squidly turrets! Make it safely past this last unfeeling assault of obstacles and you'll reach an oversized treasure chest that will contain the End-Level Barrel once it's Ground-Pounded open!

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Inside of a treasure chest located at the very beginning of the level. Easy
2 On top of the second in-ground pillar located behind the first broken-down pirate ship hull. Easy
3 At the end of a Bonus Room located in a Danger Barrel hidden underneath a secret platform found to the left of the previously-mentioned second in-ground pillar. Normal
4 Inside of another treasure chest located on an isolated rock platform found inside of the second cavern containing the group of Snaggles'. Easy
5 Located inside of a rusty bucket(which provides repeated Bananas when Ground-Pounded on)after it is destroyed by repeatedly Ground-Pounding it. Normal
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