Tippin' Totems

Tippin' Totems
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Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Tippin' Totems level.
Location: 5-4 Forest Location: 5-4 Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Tippin' Totems is the fourth level of the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out at the entrance to a section of deep, overgrown underbrush covered in large totems leaning against the trees and old tribal charms hanging from the branches. You'll first come across a yellow spore-shooting plant blocking your path as it's planted firmly onto the ground you walk across. Quickly jump on top of it before it can cause you any possible harm and you'll immediately come face to face with this level's featured obstacle: mobile totem poles sticking up from the large drop offs in the forest clearing which tilt in place or move in certain directions either straight or while bobbing up and down. Jump across three of these tilting totems and dodge a Squeekly in order to reach a safe platform. Followed will be another series of totems(this time, ones that bob in place), with a safe platform and swarm of Squeeklys included in between. After this is overcome, you'll land on another safe platform where a pair of Tiki Goons and an overhead spore-shooting plant will greet you kindly. You'll then come across a section of straight-moving totems which will quickly shoot up from the forest floor(so don't hesitate to jump when they show up, but don't jump the gun in nervousness either). This series of mobile totems will take you to a single, wide totem platform which slowly tilts back and forth and truly offers no real threat at all.

From there, you'll jump onto a series of tall, skinny, sawed-off tree trunks with a single Tiki Goon perched on top of each one(knocking out all tree in successive jumps will earn you a single Banana Coin at the end), which will lead you to a Pig Checkpoint. From this safe platform, you'll encounter a enormous totem head that will swiftly emerge from the forest floor below the given drop off and open it's mouth wide, revealing a temporary path that you'll be able to cross(be careful though, as this totem's rickety wooden jaws are brittle and won't hold for long!). Get past the large, chomping head quickly and you'll then come across another series of straight-moving platforms moving towards you in the opposite direction, which means you'll have to quickly work against this flow with carefully-timed jumps, hopping from one totem to the next in quick succession in order to reach a second safe, tilting totem platform. From here on, you'll find an area that's completely infested with spore-shooting plants both ingrained into the forest ceiling and the base of sawed-off tree trunks(you won't be able to do anything about the ones on the ceiling, but try and make it easier on yourself and take out the ground-based ones with simple jumps as quickly as possible).

After overcoming that area, you'll land on another tilting totem platform which will lead you to a large, grey hippo wrapped around a large, brown wood piling. Use this jungle animal to high bounce onto a pair of stationary, bobbing totems and reach the second Pig Checkpoint. Jumping off of this safe platform and onto a still, tilting totem will bring you to a tall, skinny log platform in front of a large, upside-down head totem that is fast asleep. Kong Blow into it's twitching ear in order to wake it up and cause it to open it's mouth wide, clearing a suitable path for you. This will then bring you to a series of stationary bobbing and still-tilting totems that are placed just so in order to intentionally put you in the path of an oncoming swarm of Squeeklys. Shortly afterward, you'll find a row of mobile totems moving in the right direction which will take you up to a safe totem platform, which segments the way to a series of mobile, bobbing totem platforms moving across the path of a couple overhead Cling Grass patches boasting item-filled gourds on each one, followed by a long Cling Grass patch which you must jump up and grab as that is the point in which the totems stop in their tracks and fall to the endless ground below. You'll then drop down to a safe platform which will lead to a series of four stationary, bobbing totems with a single Tiki Goon atop each one.

Get past that short but tricky obstacle and you'll reach a safe totem platform, which sits before a series of large, grey hippos clinging to the wood pilings. Bounce off of each of them in order to reach a long, safe platform with a DK Gong Pad in it's center. Many large totems will decorate the sprawling background in this area and you'll also find an extremely large totem pole blocking your path. Fully Ground Pound the Gong Pad in order to make the totems wide mouth open up, revealing the End-Level Barrel(careful though, this totem doesn't like to keep it's mouth open for long!).

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 To the far left side in a long area hidden by underbrush, directly beneath an overhead spore-shooting plant. Easy
2 Appears right after you collect the straight row of Bananas that can be found at the first mobile row of totems. Hard
3 At the end of a Bonus Room found immediately before the first large, clamping totem head is encountered. Normal
4 In a breakable gourd located on the second overhead Cling Grass patch. Easy
5 At the end of a Bonus Room located to the very left of the safe platform found at the end of the long Cling Grass patch. You will need to drop down into a hidden Danger Barrel. Normal
6 On a raised platform directly above the previous one. It will be hidden by a large amount of tree leaves. Easy
7 Appears after collecting every single Banana located above and around the entire series of bouncy hippos. Hard
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