Treacherous Track

Treacherous Track
Donkey Kong hopping on a mobile platform in the Treacherous Track level.
Location: 7-K Factory Location: 7-K Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Treacherous Track is the seventh special temple level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Reaching the end will grant you one of the eight coloured spheres that are needed to unlock the Golden Temple. This particular level's design is based off of Tanked Up Trouble, a level that was featured in Donkey Kong Country.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

After scampering past the starting gateway, a lone Travel Barrel will be waiting for you just at the beginning of a wide dropoff that you must use to reach a large, golden gear that's grafted to a track running along the temple wall. There will be two bright-green lights lit on either side of this gear platform, which indicate it's mobility, as well as red lights attached to the oncoming track that indicates it's cutoff. Hovering just above your head at this point will be a red-lit lamp that's chained to the wall. Touch it in order to turn it from red to bright-green, which will do the same to the red-lit track, activating a new, longer segment for you to travel along.

Right after this is done, a large, deep area in the wall will open up, revealing a thick platform with a line cut through it that denies you access to the gear platform as it travels onward. This will force you to jump off and make your way past the Tiki Goon and "Pyrobot Mk-2" standing in wait in time to make it back on the gear platform after activating the red-lit lamp near it's edge. At this point, a small, squared segment of wall will emerge, followed by a large, rectangular wall segment with purple spikes on it's underside. Immediately after this is passed, a smaller, skinnier rectangular wall shaft will appear before you with another Tiki Goon atop it. Since the gear platform will proceed to run underneath this shaft, you'll need to use the Launch Barrel that will be directly above you in order to reach the top of it's surface that's unreachable by conventional jumping(this will also activate another red-lit lamp that's conveniently placed in your path).

After passing under a flat, rectangular wall shaft with another Tiki Goon and "Pyrobot Mk-2" waiting on it, you'll need to utilize three small, breakaway platforms set up in an upwards, tiered pattern that will bring you to another red-lit lamp. After activating this lamp, another flat, rectangular wall shaft will emerge with a lone "Pyrobot Mk-2" sitting on it. Use it while waiting for the gear platform to catch up with you, then duck under a long, thin, rectangular wall shaft with purple spikes on it's end. From here, you'll need to jump over another tall, rectangular shaft that the gear platform will run through and then jump down ontop of a long safe platform underneath yet another tall, rectangular shaft that you won't be able to pass while standing on the gear platform. With haste, evade the single Tiki Goon on this platform and use the bouncy tire to the far right in order to reach another red-lit lamp before taking your place back on the gear platform.

From this point, you'll need to jump over another tall, rectangular shaft that the gear platform will inaccessibly run through and then drop down onto three small, breakaway platforms that required timed jumps on in order to make it back to the gear platform without falling to your death. Next, jump over a flat, rectangular platform with another "Pyrobot Mk-2" waiting on it, then jump on a bouncy tire following your return to the gear platform in order to reach a high-placed small, breakaway platform that you'll need to reach a large, squared wall shaft that the gear platform will run through at it's base. Then you must activate another red-lit lamp that's set inbetween two more small, breakaway platforms. Use the breakaway platform to the far-right in order to make it ontop of another large, squared wall shaft that the gear platform will pass through. After making it past a large, rectangular shaft with purple spikes on it's base, you'll need to jump down and climb up three more breakaway platforms that are needed to reach another red-lit lamp.

From here, jump overtop of another tall, rectangular wall shaft that the gear platform will run through, past a duo of Tiki Buzzes while accessing a bouncy tire set underneath them in order to reach the mobile platform again, and then underneath a tall, rectangular shaft with purple spikes sticking out of it's base. Jumping over a dazed "Pyrobot Mk-2" lounging on another flat, rectangular shaft will take you to a single breakaway platform set beside a trio of Tiki Buzzes that you'll need to high-bounce off of in order to successfully reach a larg,e squared shaft and then proceed to drop down onto another red-lit lamp set in the bottom-right corner of it with the right timing set to the gear platform's progress of travel.

After quickly jumping onto a small, squared wall shaft and back onto the gear platform, you'll need to really pick up your pace as a couple breakaway platforms appear above upturned beds of purple spikes sticking out of rectangular wall shafts with Tiki Buzzes inbetween. Effectively bounce off of these enemies to keep up with the gear platform and avoid the spikes. Following this, you'll need to duck underneath yet another overhead spike bed and then proceed to utilize a pair of breakaway platforms and Tiki Buzzes in order to reach another red-lit lamp placed high above a long, purple spike bed. This is where things get really hectic, as you'll immediately need to activate another red-lit lamp set above a smaller spike bed that requires a high-bounce off a Tiki Buzz's head in order to do so.

You'll then need to get back on the gear platform and then quickly jump up two breakaway platforms stacked one ontop of another in order to activate yet another red-lit lamp. Quickly use this top breakaway platform to jump across to a hovering Tiki Buzz, jump off of it in order to avoid another spike bed, then jump back onto the gear platform as it runs past another red-lit lamp. Quickly jump off of another Tiki Buzz hovering over a spike bed as you pass it, carefully dropping back down to the emerging gear platform afterwards. Following will be one more large, overhead spike bed that you'll need to duck down for, then jump off of the gear platform as it reaches the very end of the track set right next to the plateau holding the seventh coloured sphere.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Found underneath a flat, rectangular wall shaft that the gear platform will smoothly run through after blasting out of the Launch Barrel. Easy
2 Resting on a single breakaway platform located to the bottom-right of a tall, rectangular wall shaft adjacent to the first bouncy tire that you'll encounter. Normal
3 Hovering high above a red-lit lamp that's located to the right of a large, squared wall shaft. Bounce off of a nearby Tiki Buzz's head in order to reach it. Normal
4 Hovering low above the third bouncy tire you'll find in this level, located far below a pair of Tiki Buzzes. Normal
5 Resting inside of a small, squared opening in the wall that's set between two spike beds with a Tiki Buzz hovering over each. Normal
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