Triangle Trample

Triangle Trample
Triangle Tramp.jpg
Chunky Kong playing a mean piece of shaped metal with his Triangle Trample
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Defeating all enemies within the surrounding area, activating in-game secrets

The Triangle Trample is Chunky Kong's special matching instrument that was exclusively introduced in Donkey Kong 64. It wielded the ability to defeat all surrounding enemies in the area within a certain radius as well as activate in-game events such as opening locked and caged doors that are otherwise inaccessible. This power could only be activated while standing on top of a pad bearing a depiction of a triangle while playing as Chunky Kong.

This weapon is purposely meant to mock and contradict Chunkys "gentle giant" nature in contrast to his immense amounts of strength and rough, bulky exterior. It is one of the simplest instruments featured in Donkey Kong 64 and produces the most calming tune out of them all.

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