Tumblin' Temple

Tumblin' Temple
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Tumblin' Temple level.
Location: 2-K Beach Location: 2-K Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Tumblin' Temple is the second special temple level featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Reaching the end will grant you one of the eight coloured spheres that are needed to unlock the Golden Temple.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This entire level is set within a temple completely filled with a lava sea from wall-to-wall and begins on an isolated, golden platform with a Skellirex on it. After taking out the enemy and taking advantage of the DK Barrel that is also provided, you'll need to jump across two thinner, longer platforms that will immediately sink into the lava below after you land on them. Even though it will begin to appear as though you've reached a dead end at this point, a large shaft of the temple wall(with a golden banana design carved into it)will fall from above and conveniently land in front of you. Use the platform attached to it's base in order to proceed onto another pair of skinny, sinking platforms that are spaced apart(use the Tiki Buzz and various Squeeklies provided in order to make it safely).

It is at this point that you'll make it to a long platform containing three Skellirexes in a row(it's recommended that you Kong Roll through these enemies at this point given you still have Diddy on your back). After clearing that section, another, considerably longer wall shaft will fall from above. Use the six platforms attached to it's face in order to ascend in place as it swiftly sinks into the lava below. After clearing the top, a another, massive wall shaft will fall, containing a variety of platforms in various sizes. Use them in order to reach a pair of regular-sized wall shafts offering single platforms on each(which will fall simultaneously as the previous one did, so be quick about your movements!). From here, carefully high-bounce off of three Tiki Buzzes over an open dropoff and reach a pair of platforms with beds of purple spikes inbetween both of their edges.

Dodge those brief hazards and then hop onto a smaller, square-shaped platform that will trigger a large, rectangular shaped block with a bed of purple spikes covering it's entire surface to fall from the ceiling. As both structures slowly sink, use the small group of Squeeklies conveniently flying your way to high-jump over this hazardous obstacle in order to escape an overheated end! Given your timing was in key, a single platform will drop right in the spike-bed rectangle's place after it fully submerges. From there, jump off of a small, perfectly-squared platform that will almost immediately fall right in front of you, then hop onto a large, broken wall shaft offering up thin, medium sized platforms and a small, purple spike bed set amidst a couple Squeeklies for good measure.

From that point, high-bounce off of another Tiki Buzz in order to reach a thick, rectangular platform set underneath a Cling Grass patch overhead. Use it to carry yourself over to a matching platform on the other side, then high-bounce off yet another Tiki Buzz in order to safely reach an isolated, sinking platform. Bounce off of another Tiki Buzz in order to reach a second isolated platform, where a long shaft of wall containing a vertical patch of Cling Grass(with a curve to the left at the top)will fall from above. After climbing to the very top, you'll discover a short, thin platform in the wall's face, followed by a thicker, squared one just above it. Use it to reach another massive wall shaft containing another vertical Cling Grass patch and a few thin platforms(which you must use to reach the top of this Cling Grass patch after it sharply curves to the left at it's end).

Dodge a small bed of purple spikes that will lie on the top of that Cling Grass patch and hastily hop onto another wall shaft containing two more vertical Cling Grass patches side-by-side, facing towards each other. Use the height differences of each in order to reach a pair of small, thin platforms. These will be used to reach another Cling Grass patch that is in the shape of a small, bottom right-hand corner curve. As that previous wall shaft quickly descends, jump off onto the final wall shaft after it has already fallen, climbing up it's long, vertical Cling Grass patch and onto it's right-hand curved summit. As these final wall shaft reaches the lip of the lava sea, it will stop short, allowing you to safely walk off of it and claim your second coloured sphere!

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Floating sneakily above the long, sinking wall shaft containing six thin platforms. Normal
2 Inside of a breakable lamp found on the very first platform containing a small, purple-spike bed inside it's base. Easy
3 Floating underneath a single, thin platform. Carefully but quickly roll-jump in order to snag this one! Normal
4 Inside of another breakable lamp located on top of the very first Cling Grass patch you'll encounter. Normal
5 Found inside yet another breakable lamp located on a single, thin platform floating above the second, vertical Cling Grass patch you'll encounter. Normal
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