Vine Valley

Vine Valley
Vine Valley in its entirety
Location Donkey Kong Island
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Other Appearances Donkey Kong Country Returns

Vine Valley is the third area of Donkey Kong Country, before Gorilla Glacier and after Monkey Mines. The area is largely forested, with a temple past the rope bridge. Progressing past the island requires the treetops to be scaled and conquered to reach the other side of the valley. Many holes in the ground are found here, hence the name. The boss of this area is Queen B..


[edit] Environments

Vine Valley is almost all a forest area, home to other monkeys such as Orangutans. The feral animals here are very protective of their territory, and as such, often throw nuts or barrels from a distance to attempt to waylay the Kongs. Birds such as vultures and ostriches can be found easily in this area.

[edit] Levels

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of Donkey Kong Country Returns Vine Valley level.

In the Nintendo Wii installment, rather than an entire world, "Vine Valley" is turned into a single level. It is featured as the very first level in the Forest world and completely capitalizes on swinging vines as it's dominant theme throughout.

At the beginning of this level, you start out at the very bottom of a cavern completely filled with large, blue crystals lining the walls(this is supposedly your brief transition from the Cave world to the Forest world). From this point, bounce on a few large, springy mushrooms in order to reach a Launch Barrel suspended high in the air at the base of the interior of a large, hollowed-out tree trunk rooted into the ground. This will blast you into a further series of Launch Barrels, with varying amounts of Tiki Zings getting in your way in between. After reaching the last Launch Barrel, you'll be blasted through a straight line of Bananas and through to the top of the sawed-off tree trunk. Avoid a trio of Chomps waiting in between a series of platforms and you'll have reached the first pair of swinging vines in this level, with a couple of Tiki Goons and a Chomps to avoid on the wooden ground not too far below you.

After passing the first Pig Checkpoint, you'll come across a series of much larger vines suspended above a complete stretch of drop-off(with a some Tiki Buzzes and Chomps' to keep you on your toes along the way). Overcome a pair of Tiki Goons and a Tiki Doom to reach a steep-swinging vine with a wide reach radius(this will help you collect a handsome supply of Bananas to boot). The next swinging vine you'll come across will be seen slowly eaten by an enormous blue Chomps hiding in the treetops, so make sure to get off of the vine as quickly as you can and don't shimmy up too high! Afterwards, you'll come across three oval-shaped patches of Cling Grass(with two fast, little Buzzbites on top of each one)with two swinging, blue Chomps vines in between them. Overcome this obstacle in order to reach the second Pig Checkpoint.

From here, you'll have to swing your way through two large vines followed by three small ones(with useful items and and dangerous yellow Chomps' dotted along the way). This will lead you to a series of swinging, blue Chomps vines with a single Banana Bunch and pesky Tiki Buzz occupying the vacant space throughout. Once overcome, the End-Level Barrel will just be two swings away on a pair of steep, swinging vines and you'll be home free!

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 To the very left of you at the beginning of the level, hidden behind a group of large, blue crystals in the foreground. Easy
2 At the end of a Bonus Room located in a large, hollowed stump on the ground, near the first series of swinging vines. Normal
3 At the end of a hidden Launch Barrel located to the bottom right of the pillar where you encountered the Tiki Doom. Easy
4 In a breakable gourd found after the next series of swinging vines are cleared. Easy
5 At the end of a Bonus Room located at the top of a short vine hidden in the treetops. It can be reached by carefully jumping off of the top of the very first oval-shaped Cling Grass patch. Normal
6 Found after collecting every Banana located at the base of the next two longer swinging vines. Normal
7 Found after retrieving each Banana found on the smaller platform located to the left of the End-Level Barrel's larger platform. Easy
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