The Volcano overhead map as it appeared in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Location Donkey Kong Island
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns

Volcano is the eighth and very last world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. This final location is set on the very top of Donkey Kong Island's resident volcano that's resting in the very center of the gigantic land mass! There are mounds of thick smoke rising up from the molten lava bubbling just underneath the lip of the volcano, shrouding Tiki Tong's massive and foreboding entity.

Different Environments

Each level in this world is chalk full of unforgiving dangers and treachery that can only be earned after reaching this climactic point in the game. Examples are fiery rocks constantly raining down from the sky, rising oceans of lava from underneath your very feet, and near-indestructible fire-based enemies such as the Char-Char.


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