Weighty Way

Weighty Way
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Weighty Way level.
Location: 6-3 Cliff Location: 6-3 Cliff
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Weighty Way is the third level of the sixth world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cliff. This level features various rope-and-pulley systems needed to navigate it's length.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins inside the mouth of a giant dinosaur skull that's been long-since buried into the rock underneath your feet, with the rest of it's massive body stretching out in the background. This solid path will shortly transition into a wooden boardwalk overlooking a near-endless dropoff to the rocky depths below, so you'll need to really watch yourself and the timing of your jumps in this stage. The first enemies you'll see are Tiki Buzzes, which will be hovering about on either side of the light end of a rope-and-pulley system(which contains a single, flat plank, while the other end contains many tied-up planks in order to successfully shift the weight upon your landing). You can either jump over or off of them in order to utilize this apparatus to reach a second twin rope-and-pulley(this time housing a Skellirex on the heavier end).

Overtop of this contraption is an overhead Cling Grass patch that can aid you in reaching a couple planks of different sizes attached to the tops of thin stone pillars(which will crumble to pieces as soon as you land on them). Past this area will be another twin rope-and-pulley(with a Tiki Buzz and Skellirex waiting to keep you company), followed by another thin, crumbling platform, and another Tiki Buzz needed to high-bounce up to a solid, wooden plank grafted into the side of a piece of rock shaped like a gigantic dinosaur's bone. From this platform will be a Travel Barrel waiting just off of the edge, which will fire you into a series of three successive Launch Barrels, which will then fire you up to a higher peak in the rock formation, where a Pig Checkpoint will patiently wait for you to pass it.

Passing this point will bring you up to a small, square, wooden spring board that's needed to bounce up to the light end of a slightly smaller twin rope-and-pulley, which you'll use to overcome a flaming Tiki Buzz hovering in the middle of this device not too far below you. Once you reach maximum height, you'll need to jump over to a new apparatus: a single rope-and-pulley system with a small, wooden plank on one end and an oversized sandbag on the other, which is meant only to move you in a straight, downwards, vertical direction when needed. This new rope-and-pulley will allow you to jump underneath a rectangular block of rock completely covered in deadly spikes(by use of a single, medium-sized crumbling platform), then use another spring board to elude another flaming Tiki Buzz. From here, you'll need to make use of another single rope-and-pulley, and then repeat the previous process by avoiding a spiked block of rectangular rock by way of two crumbling platforms underneath.

Afterwards, use a spring board to dodge yet another flaming Tiki Buzz, hop onto a twin rope-and-pulley in order to reach two elevated, crumbling platforms(set inbetween two Tiki Buzzes), then hop onto another twin rope-and-pulley, this time fashioned so that the heavy end is grafted into the ceiling of a rock wall, with the bottom end containing a short Cling Grass patch! Grab on and then slide over to the right as your weight is lost, then continue on in that direction by way of a solid patch that will connect to it. Drop into a Travel Barrel below and you'll be blasted into the foreground's Launch Barrel, then further up to another high peak where a second Pig Checkpoint awaits you. It's here that you'll need to jump over a flaming Tiki Buzz and onto a wooden crate attached to a pulley system working with a long, wooden pole that's slanted to the right. You'll slowly slight in a downwards-diagonal direction upon landing, slowly picking up momentum until you reach the end.

At the bottom of this ride will be a spring board that can be used to get the upper-hand on a sly Skellirex anticipating your arrival on a solid, wooden platform next to you. At the far-right side of this platform, Ground Pound it in order to make a Danger Barrel appear, which will blast you into the background. You'll land on a similar-sized platform here, where you'll need to use a spring board to your right, bounce up to a rocky plateau, then Ground Pound a breakable cactus, making the Danger Barrel that will send you back to the foreground appear, firing you onto a smaller rocky plateau further out(this was necessary to clear a gap far too wide to jump across). From this point, jump on over to a single rope-and-pulley, jump down onto a solid, rock platform after dodging a Tiki Buzz, then hop onto a spring board off to the left and hitch a ride in another Travel Barrel.

You'll then be blasted through three more Launch Barrels that will land you straight in front of a third Pig Checkpoint. Use a spring board to the right of the check point and then hop onto the light end of a twin rope-and-pulley(you'll need to smash a thick, rectangular block sitting firmly on top of the heavy end in order to put this system to actual use), then, using the spring board inbetween this device in order to reach the light end again, jump off of the heavy side and onto the very top of a rectangular spike block. Following downwards with a single rope-and-pulley, hop under another rectangular spike block and onto a spring board, sending you up under an available Cling Grass patch attached to the heavy end of a rope-and-pulley system. It will move horizontally to the right, carrying you overtop of a Travel Barrel below you, which you must reach in order to blast yourself between this and a Launch Barrel to your far-left, which will proceed to fire you onto the very top of this heavy end.

Use your weight to reach the surface of a rocky plateau, take out a lone Skellirex, then hop on and off the heavy end of a twin rope-and-pulley, dropping into a Travel Barrel beside it, which will throw you up onto the elevated light side of the system. Quickly jump off from this side before descending and reach for another Travel Barrel off to the far-left, then blast through a succession of five Launch Barrels and up unto an even higher peak in the cliffs! Take out a single Skellirex on this long, solid plateau and then jump up to a small, squared, rope-and pulley end with a Cling Grass patch growing underneath it. This device will take you downwards in a lower-right diagonal direction and stop overtop of a Travel Barrel. Use it to blast over to a wooden plank stretched over a hefty gap, attached to a rock plateau set underneath a set of dinosaur ribs stuck into the ceiling, with the End-Level Barrel sitting patiently off to the right.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Inside of a breakable cactus located to your left at the very beginning of the level. Easy
2 Hovering overtop of a Launch Barrel located in the bottom-right hand corner, adjacent to the very first Travel Barrel you'll encounter. Hard
3 At the end of a Bonus Room located inside of a hidden space in the rock wall where the very first Cling Grass-covered heavy rope-and-pulley end can be found. Hard
4 Inside of a breakable cactus located to the lower-left of the wooden plank platform you'll land on after being blasted into the background. Easy
5 Located at the very top-end of a hidden Cling Grass patch that can only be reached by jumping off into a second Travel Barrel located to the upper-right of the regular Barrel found underneath the Cling Grass square(you must hop onto the top side of this square prior to making your way to the bottom in order to reach it at all). Hard
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