Wigglevine Wonders

Wigglevine Wonders
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Wigglevine Wonders level.
Location: 5-7 Forest Location: 5-7 Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Wigglevine Wonders is the seventh level of the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins on the side of a carved tree trunk with roped-down platforms attatched to it(there are a few of these particular structures seen throughout this level, their upper platforms usually containing hidden secrets!). After passing a Tiki Goon sitting atop an elevated yellow spore, you'll come across a medium-sized swinging vine sitting right next to a very different type of vine. This vine is suspended in midair by a very peculiar creature, rather than simply attached to the treetops. This creature greatly resembles one of the breakable yellow gourds that have been commonly found in every level up to this point, only these have human-like mouths with a spinning red propeller near the tops of their heads which keeps them airborne and allows them to move freely from side-to-side. Once you've clung onto this propeller vine, it will take you shortly to a tied-down platform across a wide gap(all the while with it's teeth clenched in pain and a string of helpful, flying Bananas to reward you along the way). Once you bash the Tiki Goon that will be on this platform, you'll need to utilize another form of propeller vine in order to safely reach another platform on a lower level that is out of simple jumping reach. This propeller vine is smaller than the previous one you've encountered and only moves in one direction: down(under your combined weight and will eventually fall straight down to the forest floor, so you must take caution not to hang on for too long).

From here, clock a Tiki Doom on the head three times and use a venus flytrap toadstool in order to reach another swinging vine. Jump off of the following safe platform and bounce up to another, longer propeller vine that will carry you through a series of Tiki Zings floating in place and threatening your path(some flying strings of Bananas will pass by from time to time, so keep an eye out for those). After said obstacle is overcome, you'll find yourself on a long safe platform that overlooks a dropoff that can only be passed by way of a large swinging vine. This will send you onto the surface of a small safe platform that's sitting right in front of another propeller vine. This special vine will then take you through a dropoff space filled with Bananas, Banana Bunches, Banana Coins, and the occasional K-O-N-G letter, and then drop you straight onto a safe platform in which a Pig Checkpoint is evidently calling it's home. After snagging a helpful DK Barrel in this area's treetops, you'll be faced with a couple of Tiki Zings guarding either side of a breakable platform, so smash it apart with a Ground Pound and use the Travel Barrel underneath to your full advantage. At the end of this platform area will be another propeller vine, which will carry you through another dangerous series of midair Tiki Zings that will randomly pop up and make their formations as you move along, making it a little bit harder to react and avoid each of them as effectively as before.

The end of this obstacle will bring you to another safe platform populated by a Tiki Goon and Tiki Doom, so do away with them in order to move through a series of swinging vines with varying lengths, where a small propeller vine will be needed prior to landing on a yellow spore that's blocked by a rather large Tiki Zing moving in an obtrusive vertical fashion. There will be two more yellow spores that you'll need to hop onto(each with a pesky Tiki Zing getting in the way)before reaching the next area which consists of a series of small propeller vines that you must cling onto and hop across quickly in order to land each one before they fall. Hastily utilize a blue venus flytrap vine-eater at the end of this series and use the venus flytrap toadstool in order to reach a raised platform that overlooks yet another propeller vine. This very last propeller vine will take you on a third and final treacherous trip through the air and straight into the waiting blades of a crowd of Tiki Zings. You'll move on a slight diagonal tilt up the inside of a large tree trunk that's overgrown with bluish spores. These Tiki Zings once again randomly appear as you move along, so be swift and pace yourself(while snagging as many flying items that come your way as you can, of course!). The propeller vine will carry you through this last obstacle and up to the near top of the tree trunk's interior, where the End-Level Barrel will be floating in midair right beside you.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 At the very beginning of the level, on a raised platform that's hidden by leaves and can only be bounced up to by way of a Tiki Goon. Hard
2 Inside of a breakable gourd found before encountering the very first small propeller vine. Easy
3 At the end of a Bonus Room that can only be reached by using two small propeller vines to reach the Danger Barrel that's hidden in the treetops. Normal
4 Inside of a breakable, tied-up sack that's suspended in the treetops. Bust it open with the DK Barrel provided. Easy
5 To the far right side of a hidden raised platform that can only be reached by using the Travel Barrel found under a small, breakable wooden platform. Normal
6 Inside of the breakable gourd located on the platform found after the second series of Tiki Zings are passed. Easy
7 Inside of the breakable gourd located before the very last propeller vine encountered in the level. Easy
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