Winky's Walkway

Winky's Walkway
The end of the Winky's Walkway level in Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Difficulty Easy
Location Monkey Mines
Description A vast, deep, dark mineshaft

Winky's Walkway is the very first level of the Monkey Mines area and is considered the "Jungle Hijinks" of that particular area not only because it's the first level, but because it is basically the only place to save up lives if needed given the easy access to many Bananas and easy access to the four K.O.N.G. letters. This can typically grant the player two clean lives added in a single run. It's not as productive as Jungle Hijinks, but it's the best in which this particular area can supply given this level's easy difficulty.

Winky's Walkway is themed after an abandoned mineshaft with limited lighting, raised platforms attached to the ceiling as your only support, and a seemingly endless fall beneath your toes which will spell certain doom for any Kong who doesn't watch his step!

This was also the very first level in which Winky was introduced as a playable Animal Buddy. Given his amazing jumping abilities, it's needless to say that he comes quite in handy when traversing this level for those extra sets of lives.

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