Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong as seen in Donkey Kong Country.
Species Spider Monkey
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Other Appearances Super Smash Bros Brawl
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Power Tennis
Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Mario Hoops 3 on 3
Mario Strikers Charged
Cameos Mario Party DS

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's sidekick and best friend, often found tagging along with him on his adventures. He first appeared in Donkey Kong Country, and soon had a starring role in Donkey Kong Country 2. He ended up being kidnapped along with Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country 3, where Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong had to save them both.


Diddy noticably is weaker and smaller than Donkey Kong, which prevents him from hurting some large and armored foes, such as Klumps and Krushas, but he makes up for it with a greater amount of speed and jumping ability. He sports his red Nintendo hat and red starry shirt, but also wears different colors as well, such as a white Nintendo hat and a yellow starry shirt.

Diddy Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country, where he was found in the very first DK Barrel in the game. He partnered up with Donkey Kong to help retrieve DK's banana hoard from King K. Rool. Here, he sometimes had trouble defeating Kremlings because of his low amount of strength. Diddy appeared in all other remakes of this game: Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Country for the Gameboy Advance.

Diddy's next appearance was in his own game, Donkey Kong Country 2. This time, he and his girlfriend Dixie Kong helped save Donkey Kong from King K. Rool. Partner abilities were added, in which Diddy and Dixie could throw the other to damage an enemy or reach new heights. Diddy played the role of main protagonist in this game, with Dixie being the sidekick.

Diddy's appearance in Donkey Kong Country 3 was very limited, where he only appeared after Baron K. Roolenstein was defeated and KAOS's body was destroyed, revealing Donkey and Diddy Kong inside.

Diddy was the first member of the DK Crew to be rescued by Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong 64. He was found in Jungle Japes after Donkey Kong had to blasted three switches with his Coconut Gun, thus releasing Diddy from his cage, and earning DK a Golden Banana.

Diddy Kong also had his own spin-off racing game, called Diddy Kong Racing. Along with Diddy Kong himself, the game features other Rare characters, such as Banjo and Conker. The players can choose from carts, airplanes and hovercrafts to race on. The game was later ported to the Nintendo DS under the name Diddy Kong Racing DS.

Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong return as the playable duo in Donkey Kong Country Returns, with Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong being entirely absent from the game.

Diddy Kong Racing Stats

Diddy Kong's stats in Diddy Kong Racing:

  • Weight Class: Middle
  • Acceleration: 3/5
  • Turning: 3/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5

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