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Location(s) Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest
Species Dragon
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64

Dogadon is a giant dragon character who plays the role of a boss in Donkey Kong 64. Similar to Army Dillo, Dogadon appears twice throughout the game. He is first encountered in Angry Aztec, with the Kongs feeding Scoff and Troff 120 Bananas. Diddy Kong will have to face Dogadon in Angry Aztec. When he first steps into the boss arena, Diddy stomps on a dragonfly, which angers Dogadon who emerges from the lava.

He will start out by flying around spitting fireballs towards Diddy Kong. Once Dogadon lands, Diddy will be appear to attack him by hurdling a TNT Barrel towards him. This will send Dogadon into the sea of lava that surrounds the platform. He will appear out of the lava and spit fireballs at Diddy again and spit them faster than before. Diddy will need to continue this three times before defeating Dogadon, who will fall into the lava again, and leave the key for the Kong to collect.

Dogadon would return later as the boss of Fungi Forest. After the Kongs, feed Scoff and Troff, Chunky Kong will be able to face Dogadon. When Chunky sees Dogadon, he will bow and ask for mercy. Dogadon will refuse. The first part of the battle is the same as it was in Angry Aztec. As well he will make a shock-wave and send a wave of fire towards Chunky after the second TNT Barrel. After the third barrel, Dogadon will stomp on the stone platform which will make it sink and Chunky now has to beat Dogadon before the platform is engulfed by lava. Dogadon will fly around spitting fireballs at Chunky once more and will land after, Chunky will need to throw a TNT Barrel and a Hunky Chunky Barrel will appear and Chunky will need to use it so that he can hit Dogadon. Hunky Chunky will only last a short period of time, so Chunky will need to punch Dogadon as many times as he can before it wears off. When he is defeated, Chunky will punch him into the wall and Dogadon will fall into the lava and burn before giving the 5th Boss Key of the game.

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