Donkey Kong Arcade

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Donkey Kong Arcade
Donkey Kong Arcade.gif
The very first level of Donkey Kong Arcade
Developed by Nintendo
Released in 1981
Platforms Arcade
Game & Watch
Nintendo Entertainment System
Atari 2600
Nintendo Wii
Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto

Donkey Kong is the official name of the arcade game released in 1981 by Nintendo. It is one of the most famous arcade titles in history, introducing the Donkey Kong character as an antagonist to the heroic Jumpman(later renamed Mario), rather than the cool, super-strong hero that Rare shaped him into back in 1994's Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is one of the earliest-known games to proudly present the villain as a glamorous title character rather than the featured hero you're playing as.

[edit] Storyline

The plot surrounding the game is as simple as you would expect, and an obvious spoof of the iconic film King Kong(both regarding the term "Kong" in Donkey Kong's name and the premise of a giant ape kidnapping an attractive, young woman): Jumpman's girlfriend, Pauline, has been kidnapped by the dangerously-mischievous ape known as Donkey Kong and it's up to Jumpman's bravery and seasoned jumping skills to rescue her by braving four different locations. There are four levels in this game which are also referred to as "heights", given that each level is named after a measurement in meters. After Jumpman has braved the structure that Pauline has been dragged to the top of by this dastardly ape, Donkey Kong simply laughs, grabs Jumpman's girlfriend, and flees to the next stage. After completing the fourth stage(which involves pulling out all the rivets built into the structure by jumping over them), it will break apart and cause Donkey Kong to fall flat on his head, knocking him out. This gives Jumpman ample opportunity to ultimately save Pauline and run off before Donkey Kong can regain consciousness.

[edit] Gameplay

The objective of this arcade game is to reach the top of each structure that Donkey Kong drags Pauline to the top of. Naturally, there are various obstacles laid about with the sole purpose of stopping you, either on their own or thrown into play by the dangerous ape. This ranges from Barrels, Flameballs, Bouncers, and Ducklings. You can also die if you happen to jump from too great a height or accidentally touch Donkey Kong at the top of a structure. Like all video games, there are helpful items to aid the player against in-game dangers, such as the Hammer. Donkey Kong Arcade also supplies in-game points quite generously, rewarding you for jumping over obstacles, picking up Umbrellas, Hats, and Purses, as well as finishing each stage within a given amount of time.

[edit] Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong Arcade made a surprise playable appearance in this Nintendo 64 installment as well, allowing you to find the actual model arcade machine in the Frantic Factory level. In front of the machine is a lever in which Donkey Kong must use his Gorilla Grab for(due to this, he is the only character who is able to play this game). The entire game plays out just as the original arcade version does, unlike the shortened version released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You must play through this game two separate times: the first time, you are playing the game to rescue Pauline, but in the second time, you are rescuing a Nintendo Coin instead.

This is secretly an in-game challenge which must be completed in order to earn the Nintendo Coin which is needed in accordance with the Rareware Coin, to open the final boss door which leads to King Krusha K. Rool.

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