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Kalimba - One of the leaders of the Tiki Tak Tribe
Kalimba is a notable member of the Tiki Tak Tribe who appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns. At the start of the game he tries to hypnotize Donkey Kong, but fails due to him being too smart, to which Donkey beats Kalimba up and sends him flying out of his Treehouse. During the introduction, Kalimba is shown also hypnotizing an Elephant.

He later appears as the boss for the Jungle level, controlling Mugly and ordering him to attack Donkey and Diddy Kong. After Mugly is beaten, he gets sent flying get again.

At the end of the game he is seen, along with the other Tiki Tak Tribe Members, helping Tiki Tong by turning into his hands.

[edit] Appearance

Kalimba is a Red and Blue colored Tiki with noticeably flimsy arms, concluding that, physically at least, he isn't very strong. However the claws at the end of his arms can deal considerable damage, even without much strength behind them.

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