Mole Miner Max

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Mole Miner Max.png
Mole Miner Max as he appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Residence Cave
Species Mole
Enemies Kongs
Affiliations Tiki Tak Tribe
Game Appearances Donkey Kong Country Returns
Mole Miner Max is the final boss of the Cave world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Being possessed by Ukelele, he attacks Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from his train, the Mole Train.

[edit] Battle

Just like when battling the other moles, Donkey and Diddy must jump on his head as he emerges from the trailers of banana's. However predicting his movements becomes more difficult, as several trailers will rumble all at once and Max could emerge from any of them. As Mole Miner Max is beaten Ukelele will appear dazed and confused to which Donkey Kong will punch him away.

[edit] Appearance

Mole Miner Max's train is a red and blue one, followed by 5 trailers and a large drill at the front end. Max is a giant mole, twice the size of normal moles. He wears a hard hat and a miners vest. Just like the other moles, he has an axe which he throws at Donkey and Diddy, however it is far larger than the ones that the others moles have.

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