Queen B.

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Queen B.
Queen B. as seen in Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Species Zinger
Abilities Large stinger, Can be infuriated to invincible status
Weapon N/A
Musical Instrument N/A
Allies King K. Rool
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Kong Family

Queen B. is the boss of the third world: Vine Valley, featured in Donkey Kong Country. This Zinger remains the third and is known to be the only female boss in Donkey Kong Country. Obviously, she is a greatly enlarged version of the miniature, bee-like enemies known as Zingers.

Barrels are the only item which can defeat Queen B. that needs to be thrown by either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong as a weapon. After a certain number of hits, Queen B. becomes very mad and turns red, which grants her invincibility for small amounts of time in between further hit opportunities. This is characteristically similar to the Red Zingers, commonly found as group enemies, who are undefeatable as they retain this invincible ability permanently. Queen B.'s attack pattern consists of flying at the Kongs poised at intersecting vertical angles during this time of dangerous rage. After these attacks have been appears.

It has been speculated that King Zing from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest might be Queen B.'s husband.

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