Tiki Tak Tribe

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|Leader :: [[Tiki Tong]]
|Leader :: [[Tiki Tong]]
|Sub-species :: [[Tiki Goons]]<br />[[Tiki Dooms]]<br />[[Tiki Buzzes]]<br />[[Tiki Pops]]<br />[[Tiki Torks]]<br />[[Tiki Boings]]<br />[[Tiki Seekers]]<br />[[Tiki Torches]]<br />[[Tiki Bombers]]<br />[[Tiki Tanks]]<br />[[Tiki Zings]]
|Sub-species :: [[Tiki Goons]]<br />[[Tiki Doom]]<br />[[Tiki Buzz]]<br />[[Tiki Pop]]<br />[[Tiki Tork]]<br />[[Tiki Boing]]<br />[[Tiki Seeker]]<br />[[Tiki Torch]]<br />[[Tiki Bomber]]<br />[[Tiki Tank]]<br />[[Tiki Zing]]

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Tiki Tak Tribe
Tiki Tak Area BossesDKCR.png
Every area boss of the Tiki Tak Tribe which were featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
Leader Tiki Tong
Sub-species Tiki Goons
Tiki Doom
Tiki Buzz
Tiki Pop
Tiki Tork
Tiki Boing
Tiki Seeker
Tiki Torch
Tiki Bomber
Tiki Tank
Tiki Zing

The Tiki Tak Tribe are an evil tribe of Tikis that were first introduced to the Donkey Kong Country series in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They replace the Kremlings as the main villains of that game. They are first seen hypnotizing the animals of Donkey Kong Island and forcing them to steal Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard. They attempt to hypnotize Donkey Kong as well, but end up being defeated by him after he's unaffected by their gaze and pounds the stuffing out of it in his treehouse, sending it flying out the front door and into the vast jungle beyond.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

Each world featured in this installment includes a special Tiki Tak Tribe member who ends up possessing a certain animal or creature(s) during the last level(also known as the boss level). Tiki Tong himself serves as the game's final boss.

[edit] Members

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