Tiki Goons

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Tiki Goons as they appear in DKCR
Tiki Goons are the most common enemy in their debut game Donkey Kong Country Returns. To attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong they attempt to bite the pair if they happen to run into them. They are seen spectating boss battles along with Tiki Tanks and Tiki Torches.

[edit] Appearance

They are shaped like bongo drums with four red feathers attached to either side of their head. Along the base of their drum shaped body, they have a yellow and brown stripped skirt.

[edit] How to Beat Them

These goons can be defeated by Donkey Kong by him simply stomping on their heads or Barrel Rolling into their sides. They can also be confused by Donkey Ground Pounding the floor when near enough to them. When stunned/confused they will not be able to move and therefore attack Donkey or Diddy Kong. Alongside Ground Pounding, Diddy's Peanut Popgun can also confuse these Tikis.

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