An Ackstack as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Species Unknown
Home Donkey Kong Island
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Leader N/A

Ackstacks are groups of five Acks piled ontop of one another, forming a makeshift enemy wall. The only way to possibly get past this enemy when it pops up in your way and avoid losing any Heart Health is to get up close to it as it slowly and cautiously hops up to you. At the point where the Ackstack can't inch up any closer, it will rear far back where it stands, and then each of the Acks will let out an attacking cry before they spring forward with the intent to dangerously pile ontop of you. It's at that point that you must run as far away from them as you possibly can following their cry, causing each of the Acks to fall flat on their faces, knocking them each unconscious. It's at this point that you are able to safely jump on each of their immobilized bodies, clearing them out of your way(since they can still inflict damage in this state).

[edit] Appearance

The Ackstack looks just like the regular, individual Ack, only it's body hair is a tint of brownish-yellow rather than solid red and they always travel in a determined group of five.

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