Button Bash

Button Bash
Button Bash.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Button Bash level.
Location: 3-2 Ruins Location: 3-2 Ruins
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Button Bash is the second level featured in the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Ruins.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level will start out in a lush green jungle littered with temple artifacts and statues. You'll begin by coming up to a pair of Travel Barrels that launch you into the opening mouth of a giant tribal monkey statue and into the depths of a temple hidden under a bed of vines, where the rest of the stage will take place. This is where the Voices of the Temple Returns music is queued, which is a remade version of the original track heard in Donkey Kong Country's Millstone Mayhem. After landing on solid ground, a DK Panel Pad will be waiting for you to Ground Pound it. This will make three Launch Barrels appear that will take you to an upper level. After hitting a big red button by way of a conveniently-placed Travel Barrel which will remove a thorned wall panel out of your way, you'll come into a closed-off chamber which quickly fills up with a batch of slippery hummingbirds which will cause damage to you just as a normal enemy would. Defeat them all in order to activate a pair of Launch Barrels which you must use to blast past rows of shining red lights on the wall at certain angles in order to blast your way through the ground and to a lower level of the temple.

From here, you'll have to work through a series of Travel Barrels in a particular sequence in order to hit all of the available big, red buttons that will make more Travel Barrels appear which aid you in avoiding deadly obstacles that will steer you into a certain fatal fall. After getting back on solid ground, you'll find a Ground Pound Pad which will will break apart a large portion of the wall, revealing a Pig Checkpoint in the background and a Travel Barrel that's available to get you there. After activating a row of four big, red buttons which allows you to safely reach the Cling Grass overhead, you'll need to blow out and stomp on a couple of Tiki Torches in order to reach the continuing segment of Cling Grass. This leads to another big, red button that you must push in order to get a patch of thorns out of your way. After sliding down a rickety wooden slope, another series of Travel Barrels that you must work through in a certain order will be waiting for you which will lead to the second Pig Checkpoint once you've gotten past safely.

Stomp out four Stilts in order to reach and activate another DK Panel Pad, which then activates a series of opening and closing platforms that work in a repeated sequence. Crack the code in order to reach the top of the tall wall where a Travel Barrel will be waiting for you. This barrel will send you into a Launch Barrel which will then send you flying across the wide, tall body of a gigantic, multi-faced monkey statue, which will begin spinning in place after you've fired yourself into one of the face's open mouth. From there, you must pull this off two more times as the statue begins to spin in place, speeding up each time. Once this is done, the statue will disintegrate, revealing an End-Level Barrel in it's head, directly above the [[Travel Barrel in which you now sit.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 On top of a dragon statue's head at the starting point Normal
2 Inside of a breakable plant at the immediate entrance of the temple Easy
3 On a patch of Cling Grass located on the left after the three Launch Barrels Hard
4 At the end of a hidden Bonus Area directly after the first series of buttons and Travel Barrels Hard
5 Inside a Danger Barrel located at the far-left end of a Cling Grass patch after the first Pig Checkpoint Hard
6 At the bottom end of a half circle-shaped Cling Grass patch found after defeating two Tiki Torches Hard
7 To the far-left side of the opening and closing monkey wall platforms Hard
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