Candy's Save Point

Candy's Save Point
Candy's Save Point DKCSNES.png
Candy's Save Point as seen in Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Location At each section of Donkey Kong Island
Purpose Allowing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to save at certain points throughout the game.

Candy's Save Point is a circus-like vendor booth which is operated by Candy Kong, Donkey Kong's girlfriend. As the name indicates, she looks after the only means to save Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's progress throughout the game, which is done by entering her "save barrel" after visiting the booth. Candy's Save Point, like Cranky's Cabin and Funky's Flights shows up as a usable location only once in every section/level of Donkey Kong Island and is an essential commodity to working the Kongs way through and completing this legendary Super Nintendo Entertainment System title.

Candy's Save Point made a reappearance in the GBC port of Donkey Kong Country. Here, Candy's Save Point became a location in which the Kongs had to complete a single challenge in order to attain a special token needed to face the level's boss. Prior to this release, Candy broke out of the saving service in light of entering the music industry. Thus, Candy's Music Shop was born in 1999's Donkey Kong 64.

In the GBA remake, Candy's Save Point was replaced by Candy's Dance Studio where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must dance to the music by the right moves.

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