Cannon Cluster

Cannon Cluster
Cannon Cluster.jpg
Donkey Kong at the beginning of Cannon Cluster.
Location: 2-4 Beach Location: 2-4 Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Cannon Cluster is the fourth level featured in the Beach world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts on a short pier before entering onto the beach. The Kongs will encounter a Snap that they can defeat and a barrel they can slam to make another appear. New to the world is a thin crate that can be slammed. This crate will sometimes give out Banana Bunches. Passing by more Snaps, the Kongs will encounter pirate ships in the background that shoot cannonballs at them. Avoiding these cannonballs, the Kongs will be able to continue on with the level while opening treasure chest and avoiding Jellybobs. Once past the ships, the Kongs can roll jump to get the letter "K" or go above to open a treasure chest containing another Banana Bunch.

Once past the Pinchly, the Kongs will need to avoid more cannonballs and use a Tiki Buzz to get to the platform above that is inaccessible with a normal jump. Next, they can pound more barrels into the ground with one making a Pinchley appear. Timing your jump on the Pinchley correctly, will allow the Kongs to get into the barrel at the top of the screen for a Bonus Game.

Continuing on this path, they will have to avoid more cannonballs and collecting a Banana Coin from a Treasure Chest and the letter "O". Past the end of a broken ship, the Kongs will reach a checkpoint in the level. Their next task is to jump on the floating ship pieces, while avoiding Jellybobs before making it to more ground and more cannonballs. Donkey Kong will need to ground pound these crates to continue on with the level while trying not to take damage from the cannonballs.

The Kongs can use the Barrel at the top of the hill to help take out the Pinchleys that pop out of the sand on the hill or simply jump on them. They will next need to get through a tricky area of cannonballs that shoot quickly. Once past this part, they will be able to hit the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Pound the first pile, then the second pile. This will make the first pile pop back up with the Puzzle Piece. Easy
2 After the DK Barrel, jump over the Jellybob to land on a pier with a flower. Blow on the flower. Easy
3 Once across the pier, pound the piling to make another appear on the pier. Use it to hover-jump to the Puzzle Piece. Easy
4 When you reach a piling next to a fan, blow on the fan to cause a shaft of stone to rise to the left. Jump onto this stone and into the barrel to play a Bonus Game. Collect everything for the Puzzle Piece to appear. Normal
5 Hidden in a Snaps trap, pound on the trap to get the Puzzle Piece. Easy
6 After the checkpoint, pick up the barrel and go back. Throw the barrel at the bulls-eye on the shipwreck. Easy
7 Near the end of the level, get rid of the three Pinchlys before picking up the barrel. Use the barrel to hit the bulls-eye near the end of the level to get to a Bonus Game while avoiding the cannonballs. Collect everything to get the Puzzle Piece. Hard
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