Chimp Caverns

Chimp Caverns
Chimp Caverns in its entirety
Location Donkey Kong Island
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Other Appearances None

Chimp Caverns is the sixth and penultimate area of Donkey Kong Country, found after Kremkroc Industries, Inc. and before Gangplank Galleon, the final boss level. This world is probably the hardest one encountered in the game due to it's long and sometimes complex levels and tricky terrain. It is similar to the Monkey Mines world in that the majority of the levels are cavernous. The boss featured at the very end of this world is Master Necky Sr..

[edit] Environments

Chimp Caverns, as it's name implies, is a cavernous area, similar to Monkey Mines. Narrow walkways and old machinery litter the area. Conveyor belts are old and require constant fuel in order to keep going. The lights are faulty in this area as well, similar to Kremkroc Industries, Inc.. Mist is also found in some parts of the mine, which can obstruct the Kong's vision. Overall, this is a very dangerous area because of the tight spaces.

[edit] Levels

Tanked Up Trouble
Manic Mincers
Misty Mine
Necky Nutmare (GBC port only)
Loopy Lights
Platform Perils

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