The Cliff overhead map as it appeared in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Location Donkey Kong Island
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns

Cliff is the sixth world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's set among various shifting altitudes of craggy, orange rock formations located amidst a prehistoric limbo. This area is constantly wrought with large amounts of sticky, black sludge and obscuring, purple clouds.

[edit] Different Environments

Each level in this world follows a prehistoric theme in one way or another, taking you across variations of treacherous, sediment-based terrain that sometimes begs trial-and-error practice. Sticky, black, mud-like sludge is introduced as a new inanimate obstacle in this world alongside constant deadly drops and pitfalls. You'll also meet brand new enemies such as the Skellirex and Bonehead Jed.

[edit] Levels

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