Cranky Kong's Shop

Cranky Kong's Shop
Cranky Kong's Shop, as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns

Cranky Kong's Shop is a very helpful store in Donkey Kong Country Returns run by Cranky Kong. In this location, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are able to buy certain items with the Banana Coins they've collected throughout each and every level.

[edit] Items and Prices

Name Description Cost
Extra Life Balloon Grants One Extra Balloon 3 Banana Coins
3 Extra Life Balloons Grants Three Extra Balloons 7 Banana Coins
7 Extra Life Balloons Grants Seven Extra Balloons. 15 Banana Coins
Squawks Squawks helps the Kongs find Puzzle Pieces. 15 Banana Coins
Heart Boost Adds One Extra Heart to your Heart Count 10 Banana Coins
Banana Juice Makes Donkey Kong and/or Diddy Kong temporarily invincible. 20 Banana Coins
Map Key This key opens locked paths. 20 Banana Coins
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