Davy Bones

Davy Bones
Davy Bones.jpg
Davy Bones as seen in DK: King of Swing
First Appearance DK: King of Swing
Species Eel
Abilities Deadly agility and an impenetrable body frame
Weapon Razor sharp teeth
Allies King K. Rool, Kremlings
Enemies Kong Family

Davy Bones is a boss which you'll encountered in the Aqua World level of DK: King of Swing. The stage he is encountered in, surprisingly enough, is Davy Bones' Locker.

Davy Bones' attack pattern consists of charging at Donkey Kong through holes that inhabit the boss location. If dodged, Davy Bones will grow tired after his failed attempt and give you a short amount of time to grab the brightly-coloured nub resembling a target at the end of his tail and toss him into a pit of spikes. The reward for defeating this particular boss is a DK Coin.

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