Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong Racing oxart.jpg
Diddy Kong Racing's Boxart
Developer Rareware
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo 64
Japan; November 21, 1997
Europe; November 21, 1997
Australia; November 21, 1997
North America; November 24, 1997
Rating Kids to Adults, E
Genre Racing
Mode(s) 1-4 players

Diddy Kong Racing is a game released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. It features Diddy Kong as the game's main character. Later in 2007, Diddy Kong Racing had a handheld remake for the Nintendo DS known as Diddy Kong Racing DS. This game was commonly commended for being unique from the traditional character-grouped racing games, featuring the option to race with either a traditional car, airplane, or hovercraft. However, certain race tracks sometimes restrict the player to the use of only one of these three selectable vehicles, judging by the terrain and overall environment.

A sequel to Diddy Kong Racing, called Donkey Kong Racing was set to be released on the Nintendo GameCube, but was canceled, as Rare stopped developing games for Nintendo consoles. However, another racing game, called Donkey Kong Barrel Blast was later released on the Wii.


[edit] Story

The story begins with Diddy Kong sitting on the porch of his tree house opening a letter. The note reads "Dear Diddy, Help!!!." The message is from his old friend, Timber. He reads the note over a few more times and get Banjo and Conker to come along for the adventure, whether they are needed or not. He sends Squawks to give the message to his friends.

Diddy Kong is seen later on at the start of his journey, racing off at high speeds through the jungle. A pair of Kremling spies are hiding behind a rock, watching Diddy with suspicion. One Kremling, Krunch, suggest to go with Diddy, but the others refuse. Krunch, then tags along with Diddy through the jungle.

Elsewhere, Timber is trying to calm down Pipsy, so he can understand what she is trying to say. Pipsy complains about how she had seen Taj the Genie who offered to help. Tiptup, protests that Taj has not been seen in fifty years. The group thinks about the Wizpig face that has been carved on the mountainside overnight and how the race courses have been sealed overnight.Bumper suggests that everyone starts practicing. Agreeing with Bumper, Timber and his friends leave to start practice.

[edit] Modes

[edit] Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the main game mode of Diddy Kong Racing. The player will need to find a number of Golden Balloons to defeat Wizpig. They will need to win races to collect these balloons. Once the player has won all races in one of the five worlds, they will race the boss. After defeating the boss, the player will need to collect eight coins in each course, and after beating the boss again, they will get a piece of the Wizpig Amulet, and the boss will mention the Trophy Race.

Keys will also be hidden in the first four worlds. Collecting all these keys will allow the player to play special battles against CPUs and friends.

[edit] Adventure Two Mode

Adventure Two Mode is similar to Adventure One, except the tracks will be flipped.

[edit] Tracks Mode

Players can freely play any race track they have unlocked in Adventure Mode. They can race T.T, unless he has been unlocked.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Playable

[edit] Unplayable

[edit] Vehicles

In Diddy Kong Racing, the player can choose between three different vehicles:

  • Car- Used in many races and simple to use.
  • Hovercraft- Hardest vehicle to control, but shown to be powerful and ride through fire.
  • Plane- Used the least often but easy to control if the player holds the R Button. The player can also perform stunts.

[edit] Vehicle Colors

Each character has different colored vehicles:

  • Diddy Kong - Dark Blue
  • Pipsy - Pink
  • Bumper - Yellow
  • Tiptup - Light Blue
  • Timber - Dark Green
  • Banjo - Light Green
  • Conker - White
  • Krunch - Orange
  • Drumstick - Red
  • T.T - Silver

[edit] Worlds

Diddy Kong Racing has five different worlds to race from. The player will need a certain amount of Golden Balloons to access each level in a world, these Balloons can be obtained by winning a race. At the end of each world, the player will have to face a boss. Here is a list of levels:

[edit] Challenges

Once the player has collected enough Golden Balloons in Adventure Mode, Taj the Genie will appear and challenge the player to a race in a certain vehicle. They will then need to race Taj, who rides the flying carpet. The racetrack is marked with red flags that show the Nintendo 64 logo and the player will need to follow them. If the player leaves the track, they will be disqualified. Once Taj has been defeated, he will reward the player with a Golden Balloon. There are three challenges to be completed and they can be repeated after they have been unlocked.

[edit] Car Challenge

The Car Challenge is considered to be an easy race. It goes around a dirt road right in front of Dino Domain and goes into a tunnel. Taj's movement is slow in this challenge.

[edit] Hovercraft Challenge

The Hovercraft Challenge is the second challenge of Taj's races. It is a bit harder than the previous challenge. The track takes place mainly on water and begins next to the bridge near Dino Domain. The player will hover into the waterfall that is on the far east of the river and the cave will lead to Snowflake Mountain and down two small waterfalls leading into the ocean. Going east will lead to the shore and through a small tunnel to the finish line.

[edit] Plane Challenge

The Plane Challenge is considered the hardest of the three challenges. The race will begin at the same place of the Car Challenge. The player will fly up to the tunnel leading to Snowflake Mountain and then move east, over the long river. The player will need to glide to the beach and then east again. After going through the small tunnel, the player will be at the finish line.

[edit] Items

[edit] Item Balloons

When taking part on different race tracks throughout the game, the player can find Item Balloons on the track. These balloons will give the player an Item when they are broken. There are five types of Item Balloons, each with a unique color and specific type of item. These items can also be upgraded when more than two balloons of the same color is broke. It can be upgraded up to two times, for a total of three items per color balloon.

Red Balloons

  • One rocket
  • One homing missile
  • 10 rockets

Blue Balloons

  • A weak powered orange turbo
  • A moderately powerful blue turbo
  • A very powerful purple turbo

Green Balloons

  • An oil slick
  • A mine
  • A bubble

Purple Starred Balloons

  • A weak barrier lasting around 7 seconds
  • A strong barrier lasting around 10 seconds
  • A very strong barrier lasting around 15 seconds

Rainbow Balloons

  • A yellow magnet that attracts the closest opponent
  • A red magnet that has a longer range for attracting the closest opponent
  • A green magnet that attracts the opponent and pulls him/her backwards

[edit] Gold Balloons

Gold Balloons are key items in Diddy Kong Racing. The player will need to collect them to unlock different courses. When the player has won a race, Taj will give the player a Gold Balloon. In total, there are 47 balloons to collect. 43 in races.

[edit] Hidden Gold Balloons

There are four hidden Golden Balloons found throughout the overworld:

  • The first one is right in the entrance to Dino Domain.
  • The second is to the left of the stone Wizpig's head.
  • The third is in the ocean behind Sherbet Island's entrance to the left.
  • The last balloon is behind two trees east of Snowflake Mountain's entrance, next to a waterfall.

[edit] Bananas

Bananas can be found scattered throughout every course. Collecting them, will allow the player to increase their top-speed. The bananas will only affect the top-speed until the player has collected ten. After that, they will not have an affect.

They also play a key role in battle games, as they are required in a certain way to win the game. They act as the player's life gauge in Icicle Pyramid, and Darkwater Beach. While in Smokey Castle, they can be collected and stored in a tresaure chest.

[edit] Zippers

Zippers are used to give a player an extra speed boost. They can be found on every track and letting go of the A button before hitting one will make the player go a bit faster.

[edit] Types of Zippers

  • The Car Zipper - Flat on the ground and easy to go over with cars and hovercrafts. Trickier for planes to go over.
  • The Hovercraft Zipper - Can only be found in water with a flat bottom. Planes are also able to go through.
  • The Plane Zipper - Can only be used by the plane as it is in the air.

[edit] Wish Keys

There are a total of four Wish Keys hidden throughout Adventure Mode. Collecting them will unlock 4 Player Battle Stages. Each can be found in the four regular worlds:

  • Dino Domain - Can be found in Ancient Lake by going up to a nearby ramp.
  • Snowflake Mountain - Can be found in Snowball Valley to the left of the finish line.
  • Sherbet Island - Found in Crescent Island. Near the start, the player needs to take the left way at the split and go into the water and search for the key.
  • Dragon Forest - Found in Boulder Canyon, the player has to race until they get to the bridge and hit the bell. Listen for the ring, turn 180 degrees, and the bridge will rise. The player will need a maximum power-ups with the purple star balloons. When the bridge is rising, the player will need to boost them self up and over the bridge. There should be a platform where the key is located.

[edit] Battle Stages

Battle Stages are special challenges that are found throughout the four main worlds. Each of them will have one Battle Stage matching the theme of the world and can be unlocked by finding keys throughout certain race tricks. For winning on a Battle Stage, the player will obtain a part of the T.T Amulet. Each Battle Stage has its own task that needs completed.

  • In Dino Domain on Fire Mountain, they player will need to get three eggs into their nest and wait for them all to hatch. These eggs can be found on the middle of the course or by stealing from an opponent. When the egg is hatched, they cannot be stolen. Hitting an opponent with a weapon will make them drop the egg. This battle stage is played using the Plane.
  • In Snowflake Mountain on Icicle Pyramid, the player needs to hit their opponents with weapons. Once an opponent is hit four times, they are out of the battle. The last person standing wins. This battle stage is played using the Car,
  • In Sherbet Island on Darkwater Beach, the player needs to win like they did on Icicle Pyramid. It takes place on a beach and played with the hovercraft.
  • In Dragon Forest on Smokey Castle, the player will have to find ten bananas on the course and be the first to bring them back to their treasure chest. The player can only hold two bananas at a time and they can make their opponents lose bananas. This stage is played with the car.

[edit] Trophy Race

After defeating the area boss twice and collected a piece of the Wizpig Amulet, they are able to compete for the area's Trophy Race. If the player can finish all four races in 1st place, they will receive a Gold trophy, Silver for 2nd, and Bronze for 3rd.

All worlds have a Trophy Race, but Future Fun Land's is only accessible once the player has completed the Silver Coin Challenges.

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