Diddy Kong Racing DS

Diddy Kong Racing DS
North American Boxart
Developer Rare
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo DS
Release Dates Australia; April 19, 2007
Europe; April 20, 2007
North America; February 5, 2007
Genre Racing
Rating E
Players 1-4

Diddy Kong Racing DS is a video game released on the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of the popular racing title Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64. It is Rare's first video game released on the Nintendo DS. Wi-Fi is also available for this game.


[edit] Story

The game's story begins with Diddy Kong sitting on the porch of his tree house opening a letter. The note reads "Dear Diddy, Help!!!." The message is from his old friend, Timber. He reads the note over a few more times and asks Banjo and Conker to tag along for the adventure, whether they are needed or not. He sends Squawks to give the message to his friends.

Diddy Kong is seen later on at the beginning of his journey, racing off at high speeds through the jungle. A pair of Kremling spies are hiding behind a rock, watching Diddy with suspicion. One Kremling, Krunch, suggests to go with Diddy, but the others refuse him. Krunch then tags along with Diddy through the jungle.

Elsewhere, Timber is trying to calm down Pipsy, so he can understand what she is trying to say. Pipsy complains about how she had seen Taj the Genie who offered to help. Tiptup, protests that Taj has not been seen in fifty years. The group thinks about the Wizpig face that has been carved on the mountainside overnight and how the race courses have been sealed overnight.Bumper suggests that everyone starts practicing. Agreeing with Bumper, Timber and his friends leave to start practice.

[edit] Gameplay

Gameplay for Diddy Kong Racing DS is the same as it was in Diddy Kong Racing. The only change that has occurred is Silver Coin Challenge being replaced with the Balloon Touch Challenge.

[edit] Characters

Characters that are available in Diddy Kong Racing DS.

[edit] Unplayable

[edit] Vehicles

In Diddy Kong Racing DS, the player is allowed to choose from three different vehicles:

  • Car- Used in many races and simple to use.
  • Hovercraft- Hardest vehicle to control, but shown to be powerful and ride through fire.
  • Plane- Used the least often but easy to control if the player holds the R Button. The player can also perform stunts.

[edit] Worlds

Diddy Kong Racing DS has five different worlds to race from. The player will need a certain amount of Golden Balloons to access each level in a world, these Balloons can be obtained by winning a race. At the end of each world, the player will have to face a boss. Here is a list of levels:

[edit] DS Remake Differences

  • Banjo and Conker are replaced by Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong
  • Some of the Balloons have been moved.
  • Taz and Wizpig are now playable.
  • Balloon Touch Challenge has replaced the Silver Coin Challenge.
  • You can buy things with coins.
  • T.T. is unlocked by doing Adventures 1 & 2 Time Trials.
  • Start Boost is done by the stylus or blow into the microphone.
  • Keys are different shapes now.
  • 4 new stages.
  • The opening, credits, and starting Adventure Mode changes settings.
  • New voice actors besides T.T.'s.

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