Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3
North American Boxart
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Console Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Console
Release Date Arcade
Japan; July 4, 1984
North America; June 1986
Europe; September 15, 1987
Virtual Console
Japan; July 23, 2008
North America; July 14, 2008
Europe; January 9, 2009
Rating E
Genre Platformer
Mode(s) 1-2 Players

Donkey Kong 3 is the third Donkey Kong arcade game to have ever been released. It was never a popular title like earlier Donkey Kong titles were, unfortunately. It was seen as belonging more so to the shooter genre than the platforming side of the spectrum. As well, the main character of the game is Stanley the Bugman and not Mario. Donkey Kong 3 would later make an appearance in Warioware: Twisted! and Warioware: Touched! as a microgame.


[edit] Plot

Donkey Kong breaks into Stanley's greenhouse and hangs in the rafters while stirring up the nests of bugs that destroy Stanley's flowers for revenge. Stanley is armed only with a can of fly spray, as he will need to destroy the bees and chase Donkey Kong away before he eats all five of Stanley's vegetables.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Gameplay

Donkey Kong 3 requires the player to gather points. There are three rounds, and when the player completes all three, they will return to the first level. Similar to past arcade Donkey Kong titles. Enemies can be found throughout each level. Some of them will try to steal Stanley's flowers, and need to be destroyed before they do. Donkey Kong will be hanging from two vines at the top of the level and spraying him will make him climb upwards before the player wins on that level. At the end of the third stage, he will stick his head in a beehive.

On the NES version, the second stage is not in the first round. After completing the first level, it will take the player right to the second. After the first round, the second level is added.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Levels

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